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The Apartment Dog Potty Solution

“I absolutely could not live in the city without this. It's a game changer for early morning and late night potty breaks. ”

- Kristen R.

Join the thousands of other dog owners who swear by Bark Potty!

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Dogs don’t want to potty on plastic pee pads or artificial turf. Bark Potty is made of real bark, just like the stuff at the dog park, so they naturally love the smell. It’s the easiest potty training solution because dogs just ‘get it’! 

No yard? No problem! Give your dog their own dog park in a box! Bark Potty is the perfect solution for early morning potty breaks and keeps you and your pup safe when middle-of-the-night potty emergencies hit! 

Bark Potty's proprietary bark is antimicrobial, so it naturally neutralizes odors. One Bark Potty lasts up to a month or more (depending on usage). Perfect for keeping inside your apartment OR on the balcony! Simply toss the Bark Potty in the green bin and recycling bin when the new one arrives. 

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Join the thousands of other apartment dog owners who
swear by Bark Potty!

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