Aroma Paws Lemongrass and Neem Massage Oil – Bark Potty

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Aroma Paws' line of massage oils not only helps nurture your dog’s skin but allows you to bond with your dog in a way that supports their health. Their Lemongrass and Neem Massage Oil can be used to restore a dull coat as well as repel fleas, ticks, and other pests. The natural fragrances in lemongrass and neem oil help keep pests away, and neem oil is known for its ability to suppress inflammation. When used topically, this becomes useful for treating irritated skin. Massage oils can help comfort your dog as well as aid in proper circulation and digestion, when used with proper massage techniques. For the ultimate cold weather treatment, wrap your dog in a warm towel after the massage for extra relaxation and optimal absorption. For dog massage techniques, check out this article by PetMD!

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