NaturVet Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent Plus Breath Aid

Deter your pup from eating poop (coprophagia) with NaturVet’s innovative dog Stool Eating Deterrent. The supplement can even prevent coprophagia for multiple pets if given to all dogs in the household! The NaturVet Coprophagia chews are made with yucca, parsley, chamomile, and a proprietary enzyme blend. The Stool Eating Coprophagia Deterrant also helps freshen your pet’s breath while reducing unpleasant odors overall. The treat-like dog stool eating deterrent chews come in a resealable container and are manufactured in the U.S. For use with dogs 12 weeks and older.   


We recommend you make any dietary changes or add any supplement to your pet's diet only under the advice and approval of your veterinarian. Supplements should be introduced with very small amounts initially and can increase to the recommended amount over time.

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