Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray

If other bitter sprays haven’t deterred your stubborn pup yet, Rocco & Roxie’s No Chew Extreme Bitter and Hot Spray (8 fl oz) is for you. Made with Copaiba oil and other natural ingredients, you can safely apply the spray to household items or skin. Whether you’re trying to discourage your dog from chewing their Bark Potty or licking a hot spot, Rocco & Roxie’s No Chew Spray can help pets refrain from gnawing on things they shouldn’t. Copaiba oil is a bitter tasting essential oil that deters chewing but also helps soothe irritated skin. And because it’s an oil, it continues to work even after drying, unlike other sprays that are alcohol based.  To use this chew prevention spray on a Bark Potty, shake gently before each use and spray on the grass.

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