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It's a dog park in a box!


Bark Potty is made of real bark and, like real grass, has the outdoorsy smell that dogs love! The tray is lined to prevent leaks, the proprietary bark naturally neutralizes odors, and one Potty can replace more than sixty pee pads. Make the switch to the all-natural potty pad that's better by design!

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EASY AS 1, 2, 3…

How Bark Potty Subscriptions Work

Choose Your Size

Choose Your Size

It only takes a few minutes to set up! Choose either Standard or Large - you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time. 

Get Your Bark Potty

Get Your Bark Potty

Your Bark Potty will arrive at your door ready to use - simply place it in an easy-to-access location for your dog. 

Relax (& Relief!)

Relax (& Relief!)

Your dog won’t ever need to ‘hold it’ again! When a new Bark Potty arrives, simply toss the old box in your recycle bin and compost the bark. 

Choose Subscription

Cancel or change anytime

Why Bark Potty Is Better...

Bark Potty ratings

Bark Potty is LESS EXPENSIVE, replacing 60 pee pads or more! It requires NO CLEANING unlike fake grass. Simply replace every month or so as opposed to every day like pee pads. Bark Potty is better for the environment, is light weight at just 5 Ibs, and is shelf stable so you can always keep one on hand!

dog friendlier The Dog Friendlier Difference

Roll of poo bags with each order.

Free personal training calls with our in-house training expert should you need it.

Free shipping on all subscription orders.


Fake Grass  ratings

Unnatural smells make it hard to train and the urine quickly permeates making it permanently reek! You end up either scrubbing it daily or trashing it entirely!

Potty Pads  ratings

Unnatural, stinky, and hard to train as well. Pads require daily and hourly maintenance. Worse, they generate tons of planet-killing, unrecyclable waste!

Real Grass  ratings

Real Grass is wet, heavy, and messy. It wilts or dies easily in transit and in the heat, plus it attracts bugs!

Revolutionizing the Lives of Dogs With Our All Natural Potty Pads for Use Virtually Anywhere - on the Balcony, Porch, Garage, Indoor or in Apartments!

Bark Potty is a perfect solution if you have a dog, but even more so if you live in or travel to a confined space and need a convenient indoor dog potty. Give your dog his/her own personal dog potty pad no matter where you live! Use our real bark dog pads indoors, outdoors, on balconies, porches, boats, or virtually anywhere else. You and your dog will love our mess-free dog pee pad!

Bark potty IS Ideal For:

  • Housetraining puppies or older dogs
  • High-rise/apartment dwelling dogs
  • Extreme weather conditions: blizzards, rain, snow, hurricanes and heat
  • Puppies going through vaccination shots
  • Arthritic or incontinent dogs
  • Owners with busy schedules
  • Owners who have difficulty getting outside
  • Traveling with dogs: boats, RV's, airplanes and hotels

The Benefits of Bark Potty

Artificial or fake grass requires weekly washing and emptying of the catch pan. Plastic potty pads create a huge environmental burden as they require a lot of energy to produce and they don’t break down in landfills. Not to mention, pet potty mats can leak and create messes or stains on floors. Bark Potty does not require maintenance and is all-natural, making it incredibly earth friendly. Additionally, Bark Potty has no odor and most importantly - your pup will love it!

To make your life even easier, we include a roll of poo bags with every Bark Potty and FREE SHIPPING. It’s an easy choice. Order our indoor dog patio potty now and experience Bark Potty - the new generation of pee pads.

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