Every new dog parent needs supplies to raise their puppy into a-dog-hood. We’ve rounded up a list of the essentials you’ll need for your newest furry family member! Even if your new dog is not a puppy, this list contains items that newly adopted older dogs need in the home as well!

*We are not paid for mentioning the specific products/brands in this list- we just genuinely love them!

Because puppies don’t know how to walk on a leash yet, they tend to pull a lot. This means that collars can be a choking hazard and can damage their trachea. Choosing a harness, which will ease the strain on your puppy’s neck is the way to go. A harness provides more control when the puppy gets distracted than a collar would. Check out this harness and leash set here!


Healthy training treats are incredibly important in those first few weeks because this is when you can instill and reinforce good habits in your puppy. You’ll get to a point where your puppy will recognize the sound of the bag opening-- you can even get them used to the sound of shaking the bag to get their attention. Their brain will quickly tie the sound to the potential of getting rewarded with a yummy healthy treat for good behavior. Check out our most popular training treats here!

A nice warm bed can provide an additional level of comfort to your dog’s new life with you. It will also establish a safe place for your pup to relax and nap. If you’re strict about your furniture, perhaps it will help to keep your puppy off of the couches and (human) bed as well! We love this Forbes article that suggests beds to match your home decor!

Potty training is arguably the worst part about bringing a new dog into your home. Pee pads are not a good option to use because they’re stinky, messy, unsightly and bad for the environment. It’s also hard to train dogs to use pee pads because they’re not natural! Dogs are instinctively attracted to the smell of the outdoors. That’s why Bark Potty is the perfect option for housebreaking your new dog and taking care of a new puppy-- it’s made of real bark and like real grass, contains the natural smells that compel dogs to "go!" Not only that, but the bark in Bark Potty is naturally anti-microbial, so it absorbs the urine and the urine odor making it perfect for indoor use! You won’t need to clean up messy pee pads multiple times a day. With Bark Potty, you just set it and forget it. No cleaning-- just replace every few weeks. You can use the promo code newpuppy-1 for 5% off your first subscription order!

Toys are important for mental stimulation and happiness! We suggest toys with a squeaker in them, because dogs go wild for a good squeaky toy! If you have a very young puppy, you’ll also want to purchase chew toys since they’ll be teething. A chew toy will help to prevent them from chewing other things in your home such as your chair legs or your couch! Overall, we believe eco-friendly toys are the way to go. If you can, you should try to purchase non-toxic products without dangerous chemical additives that could harm your puppy. Toys that are made with eco- friendly stuffing are also a great way to make your dog and the environment happy. You can find some here!

Flea and tick medicine is important to use once your puppy reaches 6 weeks old. Most flea medicine options are determined by the weight of your puppy, but always consult a vet before purchasing a flea and tick treatment. If your dog is not old enough for flea and tick medicine, you’ll want to regularly wash their bedding and brush them with a flea comb. A great all-natural flea and tick deterrent is this spray by Cedarcide. It can be sprayed on your dog’s bedding or directly onto their coat.  

Making sure you have dog food is kind of a no-brainer, we know-- but just remember: you can’t feed your puppy adult dog food! Their digestive systems simply aren’t ready for it yet. Additionally, we know your pup will likely want to eat the entire bag on contact, but everything in moderation. We also recommend keeping the food behind a closed door. It can be overwhelming making sure you choose the best food for your dog. We like this article from Fetch by WebMD on what to look for when deciding.  

Eco-friendly grooming products are not only good for your puppy-- but good for the environment, too. Organic shampoos and conditioners free of parabens and sulfates, healthy skin and coat chews, brushes made of all-natural components, and organic allergy sprays for itchy skin are great places to start! We love all-natural grooming products such as ones by Natural Dog Company and ShinyPaw.

Food and water bowls will establish a space for your dog to eat their meals without being disturbed. It’s also a great training opportunity to discourage them from begging for human food-- just make sure you don’t offer them scraps from the table! (We know it’s hard-- those big puppy eyes are hard to resist!). 

Poo bags are quintessential to owning a dog at any age. It’s important to clean up after your pup when they poo to be a conscientious neighbor. If you're using a pet potty in your home, such as Bark Potty, you should also be sure to pick up the poo! Every Bark Potty comes with a complimentary roll of compostable poo bags built right in! If you need extra, you can grab a box of these compostable poop bags by DoggieLawn here!


Purchase your Bark Potty now to give your new puppy pee-ace of mind!

Don’t forget to use promo code newpuppy-1 for 5% off your first subscription order!

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