Bark Potty: All Natural Pee Pad

Bark Potty is made of real bark and like real grass, contains the natural smells that compel dogs to "go." The tray is lined to prevent leaks, the proprietary bark naturally neutralizes odors, and one Potty replaces up to sixty pee pads! Make the switch to the all-natural potty pad that's better by design.

How Does One Potty Last Up to a Month or More Without Smelling?!

The proprietary bark is naturally antimicrobial. Like cedar and other woods, it attacks odors and inhibits odor causing bacteria. The bark fibers draw liquids to the bottom of the lined tray and away from the surface leaving it dry and leak proof. Unlike potty pads that lock in liquids, the bark fibers repel moisture and promote evaporation making it last weeks. Plus, the bark has the natural smells dogs love! It's the perfect dog potty solution! 

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