Puppy Bark Potty - Monthly Subscription

Introducing our Puppy Bark Potty – an enhanced version of our original design, specially crafted for pups with a penchant for digging or chewing! Just like our classic model, the Puppy Bark Potty is made from authentic bark, capturing the essence of real grass and the natural scents that instinctively guide dogs to relieve themselves. What sets this innovative product apart is its additional layer of protection, addressing the needs of those enthusiastic pups who tend to nibble or dig. 

Ideal for training sessions, the Puppy Bark Potty comes equipped with one reusable Potty pad, replacing the need for up to sixty disposable pee pads. This is the perfect solution for pups that require extra encouragement to refrain from chewing, making the learning process more enjoyable and mess-free. Invest in the Puppy Bark Potty – where practicality meets pet-friendly design!

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