2020's Top 7 Presents for Dogs

Friday, November 6, 2020 13:40:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you’re anything like us, your dogs are already plenty spoiled. But during the holidays, we just can’t help but wonder what might make this an extra special time of the year for our fur babies. Read on to find out about our picks for best dog presents of 2020!

1. Bark Potty subscription: Give your dog (and yourself) the gift of convenience! A real bark indoor potty is just what you both need to navigate a hectic holiday season. Bark Potty is a versatile pet potty that you can either use regularly in place of a traditional pee pad or keep stored for any impromptu holiday trips and they make cute presents for dogs. 

2. Heated pet beds: Is there anything more cozy than sinking into a warm bed after a long winter’s day? Your dog can experience the same comfort with heated pet beds that come with pet-safe heating 

pads that provide a toasty place to nap. Heated beds can make some of the best dog presents for older dogs with joint issues or dogs who have to be left alone for long periods of time. An indoor dog potty can be helpful in these cases as well.  

3. Greenwell Pet Box: If the holidays are a difficult time for your dog because of travelling, being in a new environment or something else, try out Greenwell Pet Box, which offers curated boxes of health and wellness items. Their boxes make cute presents for dogs and come with tons of natural and organic goodies such as treats that boost immunity and supplements that relieve anxiety.  You can place a one-time order or even a subscription for the gift that keeps giving! 

4. Doggie advent calendar: Why stop at just one present? An advent calendar is one of the best dog presents and provides a special treat for each day leading up to the holidays! Your dog will love the extra snacks and it’s a festive way to increase opportunities to bond with your pup. 

5. Interactive toys: Most dog toys require a human to be there. For when you’re not there to throw, tug, or shake toys, an interactive toy can come in handy. Most interactive toys for dogs have compartments you can put treats into, while others are motion activated and make noises as your dog plays with them. An interactive toy can keep them mentally stimulated if you have to go away on a holiday trip or are at work for a majority of the day, which makes them some of the best dog presents. 

6. DIY dog treats: If you’re feeling crafty, DIY dog treats make cute presents for dogs and might be just the gift your dog wants. Not only can you ensure that only natural and wholesome ingredients are being used, you can customize them with your pup’s favorite flavors. A bacon and blueberry flavored snack? Why not! Plus, you can make a bigger batch if you want to share with other furry friends.

7. Extra time and cuddles: This is one of our favorites. Commit to spending some extra time with your dog this winter. While an extended walk or an additional half hour of playtime works, having you around for a longer period of time can be especially great for those doggies that have separation anxiety. Opt to stay home this holiday season or consider ending work an hour or two early to surprise your fur baby with the best gift ever--you!

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