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  • Irresistibly Cool Warm Weather Treats for Dogs

    Who says warm weather has to mean boring, tasteless food? Just because summer calls for lighter ingredients doesn’t mean that our furry friends can’t enjoy some drool-worthy treats! This summer, try these fun alternatives to keep them as cool as a cucumber. 
  • Do Dogs Sweat?

    It’s a popular myth that dogs don’t sweat. Canines may not perspire as much as humans, but they cool down through a variety of ways including sweating, panting, and insulating their bodies with their fur. Wondering what role sweat specifically plays? Read on to find out more about sweating in dogs!
  • Tips for Staying Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

    Being based in sunny SoCal, we at Bark Potty know that summers can get pretty heated! While it’s known to get pretty toasty around here, it’s no longer uncommon for many areas across the country to reach extreme heat (i.e. 2-3 days of temps above 90 degrees). Learn how to keep your fur baby cool during the dog days of summer with these important tips. 
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