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  • Seasonal Sustainability: Recycling Holiday Goods

    For this post in our seasonal sustainability series, we cover how to go about recycling common holiday decor and other goods!

  • A Brief History of Community Gardens

    Community Gardens have a long history of sustaining neighborhoods during difficult times by providing a space that offers food, education, and a sense of community. Keep reading to learn more!
  • The Health Benefits of Green Spaces

    Green spaces can offer much more than a nice view; they provide critical stress relief from modern living. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of green spaces!
  • Is Your Christmas Tree Sustainable?

    Christmas trees have become synonymous with the well-celebrated winter holiday cherished around the world. The National Christmas Tree Association ...
  • Seasonal Sustainability: Thanksgiving Dinner

    We have some tips for making Thanksgiving more sustainable. While it may be difficult to have a zero waste dinner, it is possible to be more mindful of how we shop, consume, and travel for this yummy holiday. 
  • Why Is Dog Adoption More Sustainable?

    By adopting from a local shelter, we reduce carbon emissions in a number of vital ways. Keep reading for some reasons why adopting a local shelter pup is a more sustainable alternative.
  • Seasonal Sustainability: The Jack-o’-Lantern

    Every year, millions of pumpkins are carved for Halloween festivities only to be tossed out after the 31st. But are we preemptively throwing out these seasonal squashes? Keep reading to learn how to reduce food waste this holiday season.
  • All About Maple Trees

    When imagining brilliantly-hued autumn landscapes, it’s likely that you’re also thinking of the magnificent maple tree. While fall is an especially glorious time of the year for maples, there’s much more to this species than its colorful leaves. 
  • Climate Change and Wildfires

    It’s no longer unusual to turn on the news and hear about yet another fire sweeping across our beloved forests. But you might be surprised to learn that fires have always occurred naturally regardless of climate change. What distinguishes recent years from the past has more to do with the length of fire season and worsening droughts that result in larger areas being susceptible to fires. 
  • What's One Tree Planted Up To?

    At Bark Potty, we’re dedicated to partnering with businesses and nonprofits that share our commitment to sustainability and solutions for remedying the impact that we collectively have on the environment. Read on to find out more about One Tree Planted’s recent reforestation initiatives and how they’re healing the earth one tree at a time.
  • Roots: Why Are They Important?

    Even though we may not always see a plant’s roots, they’re always hard at work keeping trees, flowers, and even weeds alive.
  • Reducing Travel’s Impact on the Environment

    Read on for some ideas about how to minimize the environmental effects of travel without sacrificing the activities that you love to do!
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