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  • Climate Change and Wildfires

    It’s no longer unusual to turn on the news and hear about yet another fire sweeping across our beloved forests. But you might be surprised to learn that fires have always occurred naturally regardless of climate change. What distinguishes recent years from the past has more to do with the length of fire season and worsening droughts that result in larger areas being susceptible to fires. 
  • What's One Tree Planted Up To?

    At Bark Potty, we’re dedicated to partnering with businesses and nonprofits that share our commitment to sustainability and solutions for remedying the impact that we collectively have on the environment. Read on to find out more about One Tree Planted’s recent reforestation initiatives and how they’re healing the earth one tree at a time.
  • Roots: Why Are They Important?

    Even though we may not always see a plant’s roots, they’re always hard at work keeping trees, flowers, and even weeds alive.
  • Reducing Travel’s Impact on the Environment

    Read on for some ideas about how to minimize the environmental effects of travel without sacrificing the activities that you love to do!
  • All About Palm Trees

    White sands, crystal clear water, and tropical-themed drinks -- when you think of palm trees, you’re probably imagining them in warm-weathered locales like the Caribbean or Los Angeles. But you might be surprised to learn that the iconic tree can be quite varied in appearance and natural habitat.
  • 5 Awe-inspiring National Parks

    Read on to discover five hidden jewels with some of the most spectacular sights you can behold on Earth today!
  • Your Guide to Gardening with Dog-friendly Plants

    As plants become an increasingly popular decor element, it’s important to be aware of which plants are safe and which can be toxic for your fur baby. 
  • Enjoying Mother Nature Responsibly with Your Dog

    One of the main causes of biodiversity loss is, unfortunately, human activity. However, with a little bit of information and awareness, we can help curb the detrimental effects we have on the earth. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you and your dog can enjoy mother nature responsibly without harming the environment!
  • The Story Behind Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, this post discusses the story behind it and why it’s so important to continue celebrating the beautiful planet we call home!
  • All About the Cherry Blossom Tree

    Cherry blossom trees are one of the most recognized trees in the world and are known for their delicate pink and white flowers. Read on to learn more about this beautiful tree!
  • The Benefits of Sustainable Proteins

    As sustainability efforts gain more traction across the globe, many are turning to alternative sources of protein that will be kinder to the earth as well as reduce the unethical treatment of animals. Continue reading to find out more about this burgeoning trend!
  • How Exactly Do Trees Grow?

    Despite the fact that we’re surrounded by trees and rely on them in our day to day lives, how exactly they grow remains a mystery to many. If you’re stumped about how exactly a tree grows and changes over time, read on to find out more about a tree’s life cycle!