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  • The Top 5 Causes of Water Waste

    Water is an ever present part of our daily lives. It’s there when we cook, shower, play, clean, and more–it’s no wonder we use so much of it! While it can feel like there’s a never ending supply, climate change has made clear that humans are quickly depleting the Earth’s supply. In addition to our nonstop need for H2O, climate change has brought serious drought to many parts of the world. 
  • What is Ecotourism?

    As interest in sustainability grows, so do tourists’ commitment to Earth-friendly travel. Ecotourism is a form of sustainable travel to natural areas that is more environmentally conscious. Defined and practiced in a variety of ways, modern day travelers have numerous options for experiencing the magnificent natural beauty of Mother Nature.

  • Why Biodiversity Matters

    Biodiversity Is a popular buzzword in the sustainability world, and it has been used in describing a slew of concerns such as agricultural biodiversity, food biodiversity, and even soil biodiversity. But what does it all mean and why does it matter?  
  • All About Joshua Trees

    Did you know that Joshua trees aren’t actually trees at all? They’re actually an evergreen yucca–the largest of its kind–that grows in a tree-like shape. Made popular by the recent surge in Joshua Tree National Park’s celebrity, these one-of-a-kind plants are a true gem of the Mojave Desert.  
  • Container Gardening for Urban Dwellers

    Space is a precious commodity for urban apartment dwellers, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a garden. Urban container gardening is a low stakes approach to gardening that can turn a balcony or bay window into your very own green retreat! 
  • Seasonal Sustainability: Earth and Pet-friendly Spring Cleaning

    Springtime means a fresh start for many–birds are hatching eggs, tulips are starting to peek out from the soil, and humans are… cleaning their homes? Okay, so that last one is not as exciting or pretty as the other parts of spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be earth-minded as you do your yearly refresh. With Earth Day just around the corner, jump into spring cleaning by thinking sustainably. Below are some suggestions on how to get started! 
  • 10 Fascinating Facts about Botanical Gardens

    Botanical gardens are green havens during dark winters, in arid landscapes, and amidst sprawling urban cities. But did you know that the root of these lush habitats go back as far as the second millennium BCE? Since their inception, botanical gardens have been a source of wonder, education, and joy. 
  • Endangered Canine Species

    It seems like everywhere you turn, dogs can be seen with their humans enjoying the ins and outs of daily life together. But did you know that in the wild, many canine species are threatened or endangered? It can be hard to believe because we normally think of canines as one of the most abundant species due to their close ties to humans. Sadly, this isn’t the case in the wild. 
  • Trees and Their Effect on Pollution

    Trees have been heralded as natural air filters that have the amazing ability to combat air pollution. But even this would be an understatement. Trees have the unique capacity to help reduce air pollution, water pollution, and even noise or light pollution! 
  • Why Garden with Native Plants?

    What’s blooming in your garden this spring? If the greenery and wildlife around your home is feeling a bit lackluster, consider gardening with plants that are indigenous to your environment. Native plants are the way to go if you’re looking for a way to bring your region’s natural glory into your own backyard! 
  • Climate Change and Droughts

    Droughts are more the norm than the exception in this day and age. It’s apparent that drought conditions continue to worsen, but what’s not as clear is how climate change is affecting this troubling predicament.
  • All About Fir Trees

    Firs and pine trees can seem almost identical, but they have distinct characteristics that make them unique. So what distinguishes the majestic fir from other trees in the family? Read on to find out more about what sets the fir tree apart. 
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