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  • All About the Winterberry

    Ilex verticillata, better known as the American winterberry, is a vibrant holly that dots snowy landscapes and adorns festive wreaths during the colder months. This common winter plant is often overlooked, as majestic pines take center stage during the holiday season. But did you know that the winterberry has important cultural as well as medicinal functions?
  • Recycling Tips That Actually Make a Difference

    If we get creative about recycling, it can offer immediate results that not only lead to impactful change but also feel gratifying as it begins to serve a purpose in our own lives. 
  • 5 Easy Sustainability Goals for the New Year

    The new year is upon us, and it’s time to dream up lofty goals for the coming months. Why not plan some earth-friendly goals in addition to personal ones this year? Sustainability goals not only help the environment, they also help us to live more mindfully. Below are a few ideas to get your started!
  • Do Indoor Plants Experience Seasons?

    The indoor plant trend is here to stay, and as they proliferate, plant parents may be wondering if seasons make a difference in the life of a plant. Though the simple answer is yes, the truth is that it really varies depending on the plant, season, region, and other environmental factors. Plants do experience seasons indoors, as they’re still affected by the amount of daylight and warmth of their environment. However, the summer and winter months can be especially different from an outdoor experience, because plants are exposed to the effects of indoor lighting and HVAC systems. 

  • What Is a Winter Garden?

    Gardening isn’t just a springtime activity! Winter can be prime time to plant winter-friendly crops or watch sparkling crabapples emerge against the backdrop of a snowy landscape.
  • How to Identify Sustainable Pet Supplies

    The modern dog paw-rent wants nothing less than the best for their fur baby and the environment. Here, we discuss some important ways to figure out whether or not a product is benefitting both you and the planet. 
  • Trees: The Next Big Thing in Renewable Energy?

    It’s no surprise that trees are key to sustainability plans. Yet, when we think about renewable energy, trees aren’t usually the first thing to come into mind. In addition to their lengthier growth time, their maintenance requires a number of resources that make trees unlikely candidates for renewable energy. However, new ideas are starting to take root about how trees might be one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to renewable energy. 
  • 5 Tips for a Sustainable Halloween

    Halloween, for many, is a festive time of year that offers the best of the fall season. Candied apples and creative costumes are just two of the many reasons to get excited about this frightfully fun holiday. But all the spooktacular excitement can cause us to forget about sustainable practices. This year, consider making your Halloween a bit more eco-friendly with these five tips! 
  • Reducing Your Dog's Carbon Pawprint

    Having a fur baby is one of the many great joys of life. However, sharing your home with a dog does come with a few pitfalls. Here are a couple of quick tips for getting started!
  • Stunning Locales for Must-see Foliage

    While New England may be the region most well-known to leaf peeping enthusiasts in the U.S, this big blue planet offers plenty of magnificent foliage to satisfy even the most well-traveled leaf peeper. Read on to learn about five stunning places that offer unique autumnal foliage experiences like nowhere else on Earth. 

  • All About the Saguaro Cactus

    If there ever was an iconic Southwestern plant, it would be the saguaro cactus. The simple but unique succulent is noted for its arms and the formidable heights to which it can grow. In fact, the tallest saguaro ever recorded topped 78 feet! Typically towering at 40 feet tall, saguaros have earned their nickname “the king of the cactus family.”
  • 5 Unbelievably Stunning Gardens

    Humans have been fascinated by gardens for millenia and have consistently turned to them as places of both tranquility and wonderment. Gardens across the globe continue to exhibit their unique flora and fauna in hopes of preserving these important landmarks.