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  • How to Handle Rainy Days with a Dog

    Rainy season can be a challenging time for dog owners, especially if your dog loves to go outside and play in the rain. While it's essential for do...
  • Do Dogs Get Hay Fever?

    If you’ve noticed your dog sneezing or itching, your dog might be experiencing a bout of allergies. But how can you tell what your dog is experiencing is hay fever and what can you do to remedy it? In this post, we discuss the basics of what hay fever is, how to recognize it, and how to treat it. 
  • The Bare-Bones of Food Allergies for Dogs

    In this post, we address some common causes and remedies for food allergies in dogs.
  • Common Dog Allergies and What to Do about Them

    It’s finally springtime, and you know what that means. Achoo! That’s right. Allergies. They make your eyes water, your nose run and skin itch; they can give you a mean headache and even worse congestion. They can even make you break out in hives! Your dogs can get allergies too- and interestingly, dog allergies are fairly similar to human allergies in both allergen (the trigger of any given allergy) and their myriad of manifestations.Below we've listed some of the most common dog allergies, how to know when your pup is having an allergic reaction, and what to do about it.