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  • Meet the Breed: Afghan Hound

    Known for their enviable locks, Afghan Hounds are one of the oldest dog breeds around, and some insist that they’re in fact the oldest. It wouldn’t...
  • Meet the Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

    The American Pit Bull Terrier is finally shedding its bad reputation, and dog lovers everywhere are starting to realize just how special these once shunned pups are.
  • Meet the Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai

    Often mistaken for a Husky, this Alaskan cutie is as clever as they are playful.The Klee Kai is wildly intelligent yet docile and loving. Continue reading to find out more about this spirited but loyal breed!
  • Meet the Breed: Pomsky

    What is a Pomsky?  If you thought Pomeranians couldn’t get anymore squeezable or that Huskies couldn’t be any more lovable, it’s time for you to le...
  • Meet the Breed: Bichon Poo

    Bichon Poos are a relatively new breed, but their cuddly teddy bear looks are here to stay.
  • Meet the Breed - Corgi

    You’re probably already somewhat familiar with the adorable Corgi. They’ve recently been getting a lot of press in social media and advertisements. And it’s no surprise--their short legs and perfectly fuzzy butts are simply irresistible! Read on to learn more about the Corgi!
  • Meet the Breed: Australian Shepherd

    One of the most easily recognizable dog breeds out there is the Australian Shepherd. Commonly known for their boundless energy, cleverness, mottled multi-colored coats, and eerie blue eyes, Australian Shepherds have become an American favorite over the years!
  • The 5 Most Exotic Dog Breeds

    Do you want to have an exotic and cute doggo but can’t quite settle on a specific breed? Deciding which one to get is a big decision and not something that you’ll do lightly. With that in mind, we’ve decided to provide you with a quick overview of some of the most exotic dog breeds that you can encounter! 
  • Meet the Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Much like the Bichon Frise, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was a favorite among European royals, spanning back as far as the renaissance period! These toy spaniels were named for King Charles I and his son, Charles II of England, who favored them especially. In fact, it was said that Charles II was much more interested in breeding his toy spaniel than actually running Britain. (Yikes.)
  • All About Bichons Frises

    Though it’s quite difficult to pinpoint precisely when the Bichon Frise breed first appeared, there is no denying that this little, fluffy white cotton candy puff of joy was a fan favorite with traders and sailors. Read on for a brief history and fun facts about this breed!
  • Meet the Breed: Golden Retrievers

    Golden retrievers are the Mona Lisas of dogs. They’re best known for their great temperaments, lustrous golden fur, and sturdy build. Retrievers make great pets for families with youngsters and single folks alike. They are athletic, intelligent, and easy to train, making them fantastic hunting dogs, too. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic breed.
  • Protective Dog Breeds

    Learn more about which breed are protective and how to prevent aggression in these breeds.
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