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  • Top 5 Grooming Essentials for Dogs

    Grooming can feel like a chore for both us and our doggos. But the regular use of a few grooming essentials help make it a smoother process for everyone. 
  • Top 5 Essentials for Multi-dog Homes

    While dog lovers may say more pups the merrier, issues specific to living in a multi-dog household do exist. Help all of your fur babies thrive by making sure that these five essentials are a staple in your abode. Just a few simple things can make the home a less stressful place for both you and your sweet doggos! 
  • What Goes Into a Dog's First Aid Kit?

    You and your furry companion are ready to hit the road, but you might find yourself wondering how you can be extra prepared for any hiccups that might be encountered along the way. Make sure to pack these essentials for a basic but useful first aid kit for your pooch. 
  • Spay/Neuter Aftercare for Dogs

    Some dog pawrents find themselves with new fur babies who haven’t yet had their surgery and will have to take their dogs to get spayed or neutered on their own. If you’re one of these dog owners, you might be wondering how to take care of your pup after the procedure. Here are some important aftercare tips that will get your pooch back on their paws ASAP!

  • The Uses and Effects of Diuretics in Dogs

    With kidney and cardiac disease being some of the most common ailments affecting canines, many dog pawrents are no stranger to diuretics. But what exactly is a diuretic and what effects will it have on your fur baby? 
  • Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

    Our furry companions may look like they’re protected from the sun’s harsh rays, but their coats don’t protect them 100% from sun damage. While canines may not need to slather on sunscreen the way humans do, it can help protect your pup from the sun’s harmful rays during the dog days of summer

  • Potty Training for Blind or Deaf Dogs

    Blind and deaf dogs can be pretty magical. Though touch cues might replace verbal cues or smell might take priority over sight, blind and deaf dogs are a resourceful bunch that can be trained successfully. 
  • Dealing with Dog Nail Problems

    While most nail injuries are minor–nail cutting mishaps, chipped nails during a ruff play date–more severe nail injuries can and do happen! Meanwhile, what can be done at home to make sure the injury heals as smoothly and quickly as possible? A couple of easy solutions can go a long way in helping your doggo get back on their paws ASAP! 
  • Why Do Dogs Hate Fireworks?

    It’s clear that canines aren’t the biggest fans of the yearly July 4th spectacle that humans fondly call fireworks. Even with our best efforts fireworks remain one of the most frightening ordeals that dogs go through. But why exactly are fireworks so dreaded by our canine companions? 
  • Irresistibly Cool Warm Weather Treats for Dogs

    Who says warm weather has to mean boring, tasteless food? Just because summer calls for lighter ingredients doesn’t mean that our furry friends can’t enjoy some drool-worthy treats! This summer, try these fun alternatives to keep them as cool as a cucumber. 
  • Why Do Dogs Lick and When It’s Too Much

    While it’s no secret that dogs love to lick everything in sight, licking can become harmful when it’s excessive. Knowing the reasons behind why canines lick can help dog pawrents be more aware of when the behavior is starting to get out of control. 
  • Do Dogs Sweat?

    It’s a popular myth that dogs don’t sweat. Canines may not perspire as much as humans, but they cool down through a variety of ways including sweating, panting, and insulating their bodies with their fur. Wondering what role sweat specifically plays? Read on to find out more about sweating in dogs!
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