Top 5 Grooming Essentials for Dogs

Monday, September 12, 2022 10:29:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

Grooming can feel like a chore for both us and our doggos. But the regular use of a few grooming essentials help make it a smoother process for everyone. Routine brushing and bathing prevents issues such as matted fur which also means less torturous detangling and washing seshes. Staying clean and healthy is a breeze with these five essential tools! 

Photo by Hayffield L

Lick Mat

It can be hard to think about shampoos and balms if even getting your dog through a bath feels like a challenge. For those difficult grooming seshes, we recommend using a lick mat to keep your pooch distracted while you handle the bathing. Slather a tasty treat like yogurt or peanut butter on the lick mat to make bathtime a positive, easy experience for both you and your pup! 

Natural Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Seasonal allergies and dry winter skin are two of the most common skin issues that our canine companions face. As the weather shifts, swap your usual shampoo with a natural alternative that’s gentle on irritated skin. Wash away irritants while also soothing skin with this cleanser that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or fragrances. 

Deshedding Brush

Though the majority of shedding happens in the spring and fall, regular brushing helps keep shedding at bay year-round. Use a deshedding brush routinely to get rid of loose fur so that you don’t end up with a massive amount of fur floating around your home when the real shedding begins. In addition, brushing prevents tangled and matted fur as well as maintains healthy skin. 

Gentle Toothbrush

Dental care is an essential grooming task for dog pawrents since our furry ones aren’t able to brush their teeth on their own. Since professionals recommend brushing your dog’s teeth roughly 2-3 times a week, having a dedicated toothbrush makes the job that much easier. Eco-friendly toothbrushes–like this one made from sustainable bamboo–not only keep your pup’s teeth clean, they’re good for the earth too! 

Nose Balm 

Canine noses are an especially sensitive part of the dog’s body. Unlike the rest of their face, noses aren’t protected by a thick layer of fur. This makes dog noses especially prone to weather-related problems such as getting sunburned or wind-chapped. Keep a balm in tow to weather extreme climates and alleviate dry snouts. Plus, nose balms are versatile and can also be used for dry and irritated paws! 

Need a little extra assistance keeping your fur baby in tip-top shape? Whether it’s seasonal allergies or recovery from a paw pad injury, using an indoor pet potty helps keep your doggo’s paws squeaky clean! A pee pad like Bark Potty is a natural dog bathroom solution for those times when going out just isn’t the best option.