Making Sense of Seasonal Shedding in Dogs

Friday, September 2, 2022 16:36:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

For many dogs, shedding is an annual occurrence. For others (and their human pawrents), it can feel like a year round phenomenon! If it seems like your fur baby is blowing their coat all the time, you may be dealing with seasonal shedding more than once a year. Read on to find out more about when and why seasonal shedding happens.

Photo by Wai Siew

What Is Seasonal Shedding in Dogs?

Seasonal shedding typically occurs once or twice a year for our canine companions in preparation for changes in the weather. Dogs blow their coats in the spring and/or autumn to keep their bodies protected from unpleasant and dangerous weather. Different from shedding that is the result of allergies or skin conditions, seasonal shedding happens at certain times of the year. If you suspect that your pup’s shedding isn’t due to the changing seasons, consider using an indoor pet potty. Using a pee pad until symptoms subside can help you get a handle on excessive fur loss. The great thing about indoor dog bathrooms like Bark Potty? You can place either one-time orders or enroll in a monthly subscription for when allergies are more likely to cause problems. 

When Do Dogs Shed? 

Spring is typically the time of the year we associate with dogs shedding. Pooches everywhere may start shedding in March and can blow their coat all the way until June. However, this isn’t the only time of year that dogs may shed. 

Some dog pawrents might wonder why their fur babies are shedding as the days get shorter. Typically, we think of shedding as something that happens after the winter, when canines no longer need their winter coat. However, double-coated dogs such as Golden Retrievers may blow their coat as fall approaches to make room for that thick winter fur that’ll keep them toasty throughout the colder seasons. Fall shedding may begin as early as September and run until as late as November.

All of this is to say that many dog owners can expect tufts of fur to grace their home almost seven months out of the year! If you’ve wondered why it feels like your pooch is shedding year round, it’s probably because they’re going through the shedding process for more than half the year. This length of time, of course, also varies depending on other factors such as breed and regional weather. In addition, canines that spend large amounts of time outdoors may shed more and longer than their indoor friends. 

What to Do About Shedding

If chasing tufts of fur across the living room with a vacuum is making you lose your mind, there are a couple of things that can help reduce shedding. Groom regularly–including baths–with a moisturizing wash as dry skin can make shedding worse. And of course, brush fur often so that you can at least contain and manage the furry mess.