Recycling Tips That Actually Make a Difference

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 16:46:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

We’re taught about the benefits of recycling as early as preschool, but recycling can feel pointless and abstract. After all, will sending off a short stack of mail and a couple of cans to some unknown recycling center really make a dent in our waste problem? If we get creative about recycling, however, it can offer immediate results that not only lead to impactful change but also feel gratifying as it begins to serve a purpose in our own lives. 

Photo by Noah Buscher

Reuse Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics inevitably find their way into our homes. But we don’t have to toss these items after one use just because they’re disposable. Water bottles can easily be used again before being thrown in the recycling bin. Gallon jugs can become reusable planters for container gardening and yogurt cups can be used to store and separate small objects like coins. 

Upcycle Old Items

Recycling isn’t just about throwing paper or single-use plastics in the recycling bin. It’s also about turning waste into something usable again. For example, making garden stakes from broken wooden palettes also falls under the umbrella of recycling. This type of reuse – what some people call “upcycling” – can be incredibly helpful for a number of reasons: it eliminates waste, doesn’t contribute to the production and consumption of another item, and is likely going to be used for a long time. 

Buy Goods Made From Recycled Materials

Products made from recycled materials take less energy to create, which results in less emissions. Not only are products made from recycled materials more earth-friendly, it tells retailers that consumers prefer recycled products over those that aren’t. Customers make a statement through their purchases, and opting for more sustainable alternatives shows retailers what’s important to you. 

Compost Food Waste, Green Waste, and More!

Composting is one of the most sustainable practices that individuals and families can practice at home. If you thought composting was just for leftover food, you thought wrong! Did you know that some household trash like burlap sacks, brown paper bags, and 100% cotton balls could also go in your compost bin? Just think about how much stuff you can prevent from heading to the landfill if you begin including household items too!

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