5 Products to Ease Separation Anxiety

Friday, February 12, 2021 10:55:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Leaving your fur baby along is hard. But puppy dog eyes and whimpers notwithstanding, there are ways to make being apart easier for both you and your pup. Whether it’s providing a more accessible dog bathroom or a more engaging toy, we’ve got a couple suggestions to help you ease your dog’s separation anxiety. Read on to find out more about some of our fave products for dealing with separation anxiety!

  • Bark Potty: One factor that could be contributing to your dog’s anxiety is that they aren’t able to go potty when they need to. A real bark pee pad like Bark Potty lets your dog access a bit of the great outdoors whenever they want. Having an indoor potty for dogs can be a helpful remedy--peace of mind for you and relief for your dog! 

  • An interactive toy: An interactive toy like this treat ball is a great way to keep your dog occupied and their tummy satisfied while you’re away. If your doggo is resorting to destructive chewing while you’re gone, then offering a mentally stimulating toy can help curb those behaviors. Even if you have a well-behaved dog, offering a treat ball is one way to help you feel a little less guilty about leaving them home alone and to encourage them to make positive associations with being by themselves.  

  • Thundershirts: Thundershirts aren’t just for dealing with loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms! They can be used anytime you need help with calming your dog’s anxiety, stress, or fear. Thundershirts are an easy and drug-free way to provide some comfort while you’re not there. This can be an especially helpful solution if your dog loves to be held or cuddled. 

  • Natural remedies: Holistic ingredients are a natural alternative for pups that might need a little more support for their separation anxiety. Goodies like The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Supplement Bar are a tasty way to administer supplements that can help keep them calm naturally, without any drugs! 

  • Kindtail Crate: Sometimes, the easiest solution is to just take your dog with you. This thoughtfully designed crate is made for travel--it features a handle and is entirely collapsible to make taking it with you on road trips or air travel easier. You can also use toys, natural remedies, and Thundershirts to help ease any anxiety about travel.