5 Things You Absolutely Need When Camping With a Dog

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 10:10:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Camping with your dog is the perfect way to make new summertime memories. That being said, preparation is crucial for keeping your pooch safe while camping under the stars. Below are five essentials that dog pawrents and their furry camping buddies should pack along with basics like bowls, food, and water for a safe trip together! 

Photo by Jimmy Conover

Clip-on Light

Hiking in the wilderness isn’t quite the same thing as strolling along your usual walk, so having a clip-on light can literally be a lifesaver. Without city lights to illuminate the night sky, clip-on lights are a critical safety accessory when camping with dogs. Make sure you can locate your furry companion more easily in the dark with a light that can be attached securely to their collar, leash, or harness

All-natural Pest Repellent 

Pet-safe pest repellents are a must when spending time outdoors for an extended period of time. Why go natural? In addition to providing the safest option for your doggo, natural pest repellents are usually safe to spray on other areas such as beds, cars, and sleeping bags. 

Plenty of Towels

Be prepared for a cool dip in the river or muddy paws by keeping a stack of towels handy. Toweling off after a run or a swim does more than just keep your pup dry. It’s a great time to check for any cuts or bruises that may have happened while frolicking. Towels are also convenient for providing a clean place to rest. Dog beds do get dirty–especially after a few days of camping–so you may want to lay a fresh towel over the bed to provide a clean resting area for your pup. 

A Natural Pee Pad and Poo Bags

Did you know that pet waste is harmful for the environment? Summer responsibly with a dog bathroom like Bark Potty. With a real grass pee pad, you can help keep Mother Nature free of pet waste while still offering your pup a natural potty option. And don’t forget a stash of poo bags to clean up after your pooch– whether it’s on the trail or back at base camp! 

Doggie First Aid Kit 

No one wants an injury to ruin the fun, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for them. Sharp rocks, dirt, and debris are in no short supply out in the wild, and it takes just one wrong step to get a cut. A first aid kit for dogs helps treat minor wounds and prevent infections from occurring. Be sure to consult with a vet ASAP if you think an injury requires professional attention.