Can Dogs Really Sense Your Mood?

Thursday, April 14, 2022 15:53:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

One reason that dogs earn the well-deserved label “man’s best friend” is not only because they’re loyal companions, but because they seem to magically know how to support us through our toughest times. Need a cuddle to weather a rough day? Or a friendly, sloppy lick to remind you how important you are? It seems these loveable pups are right by our side whenever we need them the most. But how exactly do dogs know what you’re feeling and when? Read on to find out the cause behind this amazing mystery! 

Photo by Angel Luciano

Can Dogs Sense When You’re Sad? 

The short answer is yes. If you’ve ever wondered if your fur baby is actually able to sense your sadness, you might have been tipped off by how they mirror your actions and behaviors. For instance, a dog may stay in bed with their human, and their body movements can even show similarities. Dropped ears, puppy dog eyes, and blinking are all ways that doggos mimic the way humans behave when they’re feeling down and out.  

However, sadness isn’t the only feeling that dogs can sense. Humans may notice dogs sensing our mood the most when we’re upset because that’s when we’re feeling especially vulnerable and wanting the support of those around us. But as playtime or snuggling together on the couch will show, canines are equally capable of noticing when people are excited and content as well. Prancing in circles when you’re excited or deep, content sighs while cuddling together on a relaxing evening are all ways dogs respond to happiness, too!  

How Do Dogs Sense Feelings?

The canine ability to sense feelings has less to do with magic and more to do with a keen awareness of their environment and others’ behaviors. Canines are extremely sensitive to changes for a number of reasons, one of which is their strong preference for routine. Routines are how dogs develop a sense of safety and security, so anything that deviates from the norm makes their ears perk up. 

This means that dogs aren’t only affected by major changes such as a new schedule or a new family member or pets. Dogs are also able to sense a shift in the routine behavior of their family members, the normal range of smells in their home, and more. It’s no wonder that your fur baby is able to tell something is off when you decide to slink into bed after work on a Wednesday instead of doing your usual dinner routine! It’s also why many claim that dogs can sense illnesses, as human bodies may emit different odors if they catch a cold or worse ailments. 

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