Common Dog Fears - And How to Sooth Them

Friday, January 17, 2020 15:33:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are many dog fears that are quite common. The good news is that there are ways to sooth them. Dogs have phobias, just like humans.

One of the most common dog fears is thunder. While there is no way to prevent this instinctive fear, one tip for how to soothe a scared dog during thunderstorms is with a mild sedative. Ask your vet which sedative and dosage would work best for your dog's breed and weight.

Fireworks are another common dog phobia that cause immediate need for a dog potty. Unfortunately for our canine friends, certain holidays are bound to be celebrated with fireworks. A way of dog training to prevent the phobia is to gradually introduce your pup to the sound of fireworks - from short exposure to quieter fireworks, to longer exposure to louder fireworks. For other dogs, the phobia cannot be downplayed so easily. In cases such as these, the dog will probably be best off with an anti-anxiety pill on the Fourth of July.

Many dogs also have a phobia of being left alone. One way to prevent the worst of the phobia is simply changing how you leave and return: keeping your exit and re-entrance low-key and quiet will help your dog become accustomed to the necessary process of your leaving. Another way to relieve the phobia of being left alone is by providing your dog with a place to go to the bathroom when you are gone. Making your dog as comfortable as possible is essential when leaving them home alone. You can relieve a lot of anxiety in your dog by providing them with a product such as Bark Potty. Bark Potty is an indoor dog potty solution!

Fear of the vet can also be a fairly severe phobia for many dogs. Often, a sedative is the best choice here. Vet trips (hopefully) do not occur often enough for you to build up a desensitization routine for your dog.