Dealing with Dog Nail Problems

Friday, June 17, 2022 09:30:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

While most nail injuries are minor–nail cutting mishaps, chipped nails during a ruff play date–more severe nail injuries can and do happen! If the nail quick (the inner pink part of a nail) is visible or the nail damage extends into the nail bed, then vet care is likely needed. 

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez

Meanwhile, what can be done at home to make sure the injury heals as smoothly and quickly as possible? A couple of easy solutions can go a long way in helping your doggo get back on their paws ASAP! 

Consistent Cleaning and Monitoring

Wounds should be cleaned daily, and your vet will be able to advise as to an appropriate cleaning schedule and method. Cleaning is not only important for preventing infections, it also reduces painful sensations and swelling that debris or bacteria may cause. 

Sanitizing Spray

As much as we might try to keep our furry ones protected, it’s impossible to keep paws 100% clean. A paw sanitizer can help keep paws and nailbeds cleaner for longer when getting dirty is unavoidable. Remember: Always consult a vet before treating your dog’s injuries. 

Limited Outdoor Exposure

While recovering from any injuries, outdoor exposure should be limited. Rough surfaces not only irritate nail beds, yucky germs that can lead to infection are in no short supply! Using a real bark pee pad like Bark Potty can offer dog park vibes while staying indoors. 

Preventing Grooming

It’s only natural that dogs will try to groom their injuries. Unfortunately, licking can aggravate or infect the injury and should be prevented. Vets will likely bandage the wound, recommend a cone, or both. While the cone of shame is no fun for anybody, it is very effective in preventing any grooming. 

Love and Affection

Having an injury, wearing a cone, and limiting activity are all things that can make a doggo feel down in the dumps. Keep spirits up with wholesome treats and plenty of affection! For dogs dealing with anxiety about their injury or temporary limitations, calming treats can provide some relief.