Dealing with Your Dog’s Upset Tummy

Friday, February 19, 2021 15:50:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

An upset tummy is not only difficult for your fur baby but stressful for you as a doting paw-rent. Stomach trouble has a variety of causes and is unfortunately very common. It’s one of the top five reasons that pet owners go to the vet! Luckily, there are ways to help make managing digestive issues easier for both you and your pup. Below, we briefly discuss some causes of and remedies for upset tummies. 

Photo by Matthew Henry

What’s causing my dog’s upset tummy? 

As with humans, digestive issues have a wide variety of causes that range from eating too quickly to internal parasites to gastrointestinal disease. Sometimes, the color and consistency of your dog’s poop can provide some clues as to what the underlying problem is. Some of the most common factors include: 

  • Potential exposure to pests (which can introduce parasites to your dog’s system) 
  • A change in diet, which includes being given table scraps or chewing on a plant
  • Temporary or permanent illnesses
  • Stress

While we will discuss some solutions here, if your dog is experiencing continued problems, contact your veterinarian right away as symptoms like persistent diarrhea can be life-threatening. 

What settles an upset tummy?

Adjusting your dog’s diet can be a quick fix. Opt for limited ingredient food and treats or supplement your pup’s meals with pumpkin or sweet potato to promote proper digestion. Having a diet high in fiber can help regular their gastrointestinal system. Try massaging your dog’s abdomen gently in a clockwise motion to encourage digestion after meals. But be mindful of your dog’s response and stop immediately if there is any indication of discomfort or pain. 

What else can I do for my dog’s upset tummy?

If your dog has an upset stomach but seems otherwise healthy and is exhibiting their normal level of activity and energy, take them on an extra walk to stimulate digestion. The walk should be brisk but not strenuous. 

Having an indoor pee pad not only helps manage the mess, it can also relieve your dog’s anxiety. Imagine having to wait patiently to “go” when you have a stomach bug! Whether you decide to go with a traditional wee wee pad or use a real bark pad like Bark Potty, make sure you provide plenty of potty options for your dog while they're experiencing stomach troubles. 

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