Does Your Dog Need a Seat Belt in the Car?

Monday, October 26, 2020 12:51:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Though not legally mandated, seat belts for dogs can help keep both you and your fur baby safe during car rides. Having a seat belt for your dog will keep them restrained and stable--especially for windy roads and lengthy trips--and give you peace of mind while you’re driving.

So how exactly does a dog seat belt work? Buckling your dog in doesn’t mean just pulling the car seat belt over your dog. Not only would that probably be really uncomfortable for her, it’s also not your safest bet. Your dog can easily wriggle out because the existing belts in cars aren’t made for canine bodies. Instead, seat belts for dogs are made to be used in conjunction with the seat belt in your car.

The most common kinds of seat belts for dogs are actually more like a leash. One end clips onto your dog’s harness like a normal leash and the other end has a seat belt clip that clicks right into the car’s buckle, acting as a tether. Another popular choice is a harness that is made to be used with the seat belt in your car. You would simply loop the belt through the harness to secure your dog.

There are two main things to keep in mind when thinking about using seat belts for dogs. First, be sure to use seat belts with a harness to prevent potential choking or injuries that could happen with sharp turns. Second, you should take your dog’s personality and behaviors into consideration. Does your dog prefer to be held snugly when you drive or would they rather be going from window to window to check out the passing scenes? You’ll want to pick a seat belt that supports their preference to either be kept comfortably in place or given some space to move more freely.

Another advantage of having some slack in the seat belt is that it gives your dog the ability to go to the bathroom if they need to. If your dog is the kind of pup who gets antsy towards potty time, traveling with an indoor potty in the car can help relieve some anxiety. Simply place a pee pad, like Bark Potty, on the floor of the car where your dog can reach it. The unique hydrophobic bark will lock in liquids, which prevents leaking or sliding as is common with 

Photo by James Frewin

traditional pee pads.

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