Dog Friendly, Eco-Friendly

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 08:50:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
After checking us out, you may be asking yourself, “what exactly is in this Bark Potty anyways?” You’re familiar with wee wee pads and astroturf (the mystery meat of the at-home doggie potty solutions), and you’re wondering how Bark Potty stands up to the environmental test. Well this post is for you!

Bark Potty is composed of a few key ingredients: bark chips, shredded Redwood or cedar bark, netting, and cardboard. Bark chips absorb and hold moisture in the inner wood while the shredded bark carries the insect repellent and rot resistant qualities. Together, they create an aesthetically woodland space for your dog with excellent circulation to prevent stink and any other critters from joining the party.

Netting and cardboard bring the whole Bark Potty box together. The netting ensures the chips and shredded bark stay in the box and is made of recyclable plastic, and the cardboard that holds it all in place is recyclable too. This means that not only is this the best environmental option to have delivered and keep in your home, but it’s the best for the environment after your dog is done with it! Simply separate the netting and cardboard for the recycle bin and the bark chips and shredded bark for the green bin when you’re done. It’s like giving Mother Earth a high five!