Dog Horoscopes 2022: Your Dog's Astrological Forecast for the Year Ahead

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 13:05:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

2022’s celestial happenings bring lots of changes but also promise opportunities for exciting new journeys. Read on to see what the stars have in store for your dog in the year ahead!

Photo by Farzan Lelinwalla 


It’s your time to shine, Pisces pup! Jupiter is in your sign for most of the year, which means luck is on your side. The beginning of the year is likely to bring new encounters with furry companions, and you may even stumble across your twin canine flame. Challenges with family members may arise at the end of the year, but the sun in Libra will put you in the mood to compromise. 


Aries dog, start yapping now about what you’d like for your birthday, because April and May could bring some surprises worth howling about. It’ll be a great time to embrace your inner puppy and go all out with b-day celebrations. You may even get just the toy or treat you barked about earlier in the year. Enjoy the exciting and playful vibes, because the later months of the year will see you in a much more mellow mood. 


Taurus pooch, the current eclipse series happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis brings major changes to your routines and relationships. Potty training won’t be impawsible, but may be more challenging than usual. Combined with Venus in retrograde at the beginning of the year, you may find yourself feeling nostalgic and craving some creature comforts. Cozy bedding or a crate of your own can provide much needed respite from 2022’s ups and downs. 


The doggie forecast is bright and clear for you this year, Gemini pup! The sun in your sign during May and June will bring you exceptional shine and will be the perfect time for anything communication related, including your social media presence. Thinking about having your human start an Instagram account for you? The right accessories go a long way in showing everyone just how special you are. 


You may be the zodiac’s crab, but you definitely won’t be feeling like a crabby pooch this year. The sun in your sign mid-year finds you enjoying your daily environment--namely, your closest kin and home surroundings. This is an ideal time to develop stronger bonds and relish the finer things in life. A real bark pee pad like Bark Potty is a great way to spruce up your day to day life. 


Jupiter is emphasizing the areas of your life concerning intimacy and shared goodies, Leo dog. Could this mean a new addition to the pack? Whether you find yourself the older sibling of a puppy or not, relationships with others will help you learn just how fulfilling life can be when you’re willing to be vulnerable. 


Virgo dog, 2022 brings a pretty balanced year that gives you the opportunity to chew on a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Venus and Mercury retrogrades at the beginning of the year  mean you have an opportunity to connect with those from your past. If a dog from your puppy years fails to become your new furry BFF, the end of the year finds you ready to mingle with other canine companions. 


Long-term partnerships will be your priority this year, Libra pooch. As the zodiac’s peacemaker, you’re looking for a relationship that is fair and even. You may find that you’re shedding your puppy ways and searching for older and wiser canine friends. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up your playful demeanor! It’s just that you’d rather play tug-of-war with a friend who loves the interaction more than playing to win. 


Though everyone knows you to be a strong-willed and independent pup, this year might have you digging for the perfect furry friend. The eclipse series along the Taurus-Scorpio axis may have you looking for a different kind of relationship than you’re used to. Be careful you don’t bark up the wrong tree, Scorpio dog! Not every canine can match your intensity and they could take your eagerness the wrong way. 


Jupiter going in and out of Pisces means a lot of back and forth moods, Sag pup. The year will be off to a mellow start before you start craving passion and adventure mid-year. Will you finally be able to join your human for their road trip this summer? Revel in the great outdoors before the year closes on a more introverted note. 


Capricorn dog, you’re known for being a determined pup, but Saturn’s retrograde from mid- to late-year will force you into a slower pace of life. Rather than being hard on yourself about not reaching training goals quickly, acknowledge your dedication and integrity. Make sure your human rewards you with plenty of praise and treats, so you can enjoy the process as much as the result!


For many pooches, 2022 is about relationships with others. But for you, Aquarius pup, this year will be about learning and valuing your own self-worth. Uranus is in retrograde during the second half of the year and encourages you to embrace new things that you normally would have passed over. Look forward to exciting but nourishing experiences like trying out sustainable protein treats, vacationing in a different climate, or even something simple like going to a different dog park.