Essential Commands To Teach Your Puppy

Thursday, August 8, 2019 13:31:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The joy of bringing a new puppy home is unmatched but when you get home you start to realize that the work is about to begin. Your new puppy needs guidance to fit into your family environment. There are several things that you can teach your puppy so that they will fit into your family. It is also helpful to involve your children in the process if possible so that they understand the process of obedience and, in turn, develop a deep love of animals.

Perhaps the best place to start is “sit”. This can be accomplished by using a small treat and pushing down on the dog’s rump while repeating the word “sit”. This first step will show that you are dominant but not aggressive. After doing this for multiple days, they will have this task mastered. You can use this before meals, treats or anytime that you need them calm. “Come” is the next task that dogs need to learn. This command can keep them out of trouble and help you get them out of harm’s way. Start by gently pulling on this leash while saying “come”. When they do as you ask, reward them with a treat and a lot of affection. When they have mastered this task, remove the leash and enforce the habit. After a time, they will be able to perform the task when asked. The next command is “Down” and it is perhaps the hardest one for dogs to learn. The reason is that it is a particularly submissive stance for dogs so they have to truly trust their owners. Offer a favorite treat and run you hand down the dog’s back while saying the command “down”. When they achieve a prone stance, give them the treat and a lot of praise. This should be repeated over the course of many days so that the training is reinforced. This command, though difficult to train, is helpful when guests come to your home. If the dog tries to lunge at you, just say “No”. Realize that they are trying to figure out what you are teaching them. Just keep working on the positive behaviors and praising the puppy when they perform them accurately. “Stay” is another essential command that dogs need to learn. Before attempting to teach this concept, make sure that you dog understands the “sit” command. When they have mastered “sit”, you can start teaching them by pushing their rump down and with an open hand say “stay”. Take a couple of steps away and reward them if they stay. After doing this for a couple of days, you can take a few more steps away. Slowly, you will build the trust between you and your puppy. The relationship between a puppy and an owner is a partnership and they need to know that they can trust you. Lastly, to support your new puppy’s lifestyle, consider something similar to potty pads and artificial grass. This helps train them to know where it is appropriate to go and simplifies housebreaking training. Young dogs don’t know automatically and will relieve themselves when necessary. With guidance, they can quickly learn what is acceptable and what is not. With wee wee pads, they have the opportunity to do what they most want to do – please you. bark Potty contains a natural scent that draws dogs to the pad letting them know that this is a place for them to go. This eases the burden on the owner and helps guide the dog into a more natural rhythm of elimination that doesn’t disrupt your household. For information on products to support your new puppy, visit