German Shepherds

Thursday, October 10, 2019 14:53:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

"German Shepherds are very popular dogs for many good reasons. They are beautiful and vibrant animals with a well-deserved reputation for intelligence, ease of dog training, loyalty, and for their fun loving attitudes. A lot of people are intimidated by these large and formidable animals. But when they are well socialized, well loved, and properly trained, a German Shepherd can be one of the finest animal companions in the world! 

Shepherd Intelligence

Police departments all over the globe employ Shepherds for their strength, endurance, intelligence and for their keen ability to take to complex training very well. They can learn dozens of commands and respond with a variety of complex behaviors including seeking behaviors, defensive behaviors, and more. One welcome consequence of their trainability is that a Shepherd will give you little trouble when it comes to learning to use their dog potty, training pee pads, or waiting to let you know when they need to go out to the yard to do their dog potty.

Shepherd Companionship

Shepherds are friendly and protective of their owners and family. They can be very affectionate, and their intelligence and temperament make then wonderful animals for children to grow up with. Shepherds are known to be hostile toward strangers, but with guidance from you, they will accept your friends and visitors with no problem. Perhaps their finest feature is their strong propensity to guard and protect their humans- which is an outstanding characteristic in a dog for anyone with a family. Their protectiveness and loyalty also make them an excellent animal companion for elderly people.

Shepherd Constitution

A German Shepherd’s physical characteristics are very close to those of their oldest ancestor, the wolf. This means that Shepherds are relatively free of physiological weaknesses that make other dogs more prone to illness and injury. A Shepherd’s skeleton and physical characteristics are very close to the way mother nature has designed dogs to be for millions and millions of years. That means your Shepherd will enjoy better health and a longer life- which is great for the dog, and wonderful for anyone who loves them.

Shepherds & Children

We’ve mentioned their affinity to be good family dogs, but it’s worth mentioning that their loyalty, brains, high energy, and playful attitude make them wonderful companions for children. The Shepherd’s natural fun-loving demeanor and playfulness makes them a great fit for young kids. If a Shepherd is socialized well and taught to respect their young human companions, they will provide fun, companionship, and very good protection for a child for many years. If you’re the parent of small children- what more could you want?

Shepherd Adaptability
Because Shepherd’s are so intelligent and sturdy, they can thrive under just about any circumstances. They do well in nearly any climate. They can learn to be well behaved both indoors and outdoors. And they will go along with the program no matter what your lifestyle is like. That being the case, it is still important to make sure your Shepherd gets plenty of exercise and activity. They need it for both their mental and physical wellbeing... and, by the way, so do you! That means owning a Shepherd gives you one more reason to get active and stay fit! 
Now that you know why German Shepherds are such great animals, it should be clear that you will have little trouble potty training your Shepherd. Even so, when the weather isn’t nice for your Shepherd to go outside and do their potty business, and they need a place to go, the Bark Potty is the ideal way to let them do their duty with minimal mess. You’ll be glad your Shepherd has a tidy place to go, and your Shepherd will be happy that you are happy!"