Great Uses For An Indoor Bark Potty

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 09:08:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

We understand that you’re busy, and it can be tough to get home a few times a day to let your puppy or older dog outside to use the bathroom. Because of this, we invented Bark Potty, an indoor dog potty that allows your pup to use the restroom on a natural surface. This indoor dog potty is made out of real bark that smells like natural outdoor scents and is even enhanced with additional natural odors to keep your furry friend wanting to do their business on the pad and not on the floor. But why would you ever think about using a Bark Potty in the first place?

They’re great to use with dogs who have medical conditions. It can be troublesome to deal with a dog that has medical issues, especially when your dog deals with incontinence issues. Also, dogs who are recovering from surgery may not be able to walk very far to use the bathroom. In this case, the Bark Potty is a perfect solution.

They’re a great choice for dogs who are fearful or timid. Dogs who are considered to be a “flight risk” (a dog who would run off if not on leash, and in some cases, act like it is a game to stay away from people in order to not get caught) tend to do great with the Bark Potty. 

Go ahead and give our Bark Potty a shot with your dog and see how great our indoor dog potty really is! Join our subscription and order your first shipment today!