How to Get your Dog to Take the Perfect Picture

Friday, February 14, 2020 16:23:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Scrolling past adorable pictures of pups on Instagram can inspire you to have a photo shoot with your own dog! However, getting the perfect shot can be harder than it looks. There are some who consider climbing Mount Everest an easier task than snapping a good picture of your pet.

What if your dog won't stay still long enough to get a clear picture?

What if they have to take an emergency potty break in the middle of the shoot? One solution for this particular problem is to plan ahead and bring a pet potty along.

Finally, step right up and learn how to photograph your nervous Nellie or finicky Fido the right way, by honing in on what makes your pet unique. Keep reading for a list of some tricks of the trade.


Have you ever considered what it would be like to be your pet at the moment someone is trying to take their picture? The reality is some pets get very nervous in unfamiliar situations. For this reason, it can be a good idea to keep an indoor potty nearby.

If you acclimate your pet to adjust to the presence of the camera (with the use of treats and repetition) they will begin to feel more comfortable getting their picture taken. This is the result of letting your pet see that it is okay to be around the camera.

Shy dogs often make it difficult to capture their inner spirit in a photo. Playing and cajoling allows pets to warm up. In no time, your pet will be eating treats, posing for the camera and hamming it up.

Treats are your best friend

It's not secret that most dogs LOVE food. This is the reason why food is a great motivator and a ridiculously effective reward. Treats are a must when teaching your pet how to sit long enough to even get a chance at a great shot. Ask your dog to sit, and then wait a moment or two before giving them the treat they know is coming.

If your dog gets distracted or simply changes their sitting pose, gently lure them to sit again and immediately feed them a treat. 

The adorable head tilt!

Experiment with noises found in nature. If your pet does not respond, move on and try a different sound. Sounds such as these are very helpful when you are trying to gain the trust, and the attention, of the star of the photo shoot. Try sounds like a meowing cat, clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth, making a kissy noise, a high-pitched shrill, or a low-pitched vvvrrrrooommmm.

Don’t forget about your Pet’s Must-have Toys

Does Duke have a preferred ball or Frisbee? Maybe he likes a sqeaky toy, or an empty soda bottle. This is an easy way to encourage your dog to behave during the photo shoot.

Duke’s favorite toy can be used to re-direct the pet’s attention. Be sure to place it facing the camera. Remember to have fun and try lots of different things to find out what motivates your dog to take a great photo.

When all else fails, try to get a candid photo of your pet.

Sometimes the best pictures are captured in random moments while your pet is simply behaving as they normally would be. It's always a good idea to take your pet's picture after potty time so that your dog is not distracted. 

Don't give up on your dog's photo shoot. You will be delighted by the pictures for years to come!