How Will The Bark Potty Help You?

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 09:11:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Bark Potty is a new, innovative potty patch for dogs that is sure to work for your home, apartment or condo. With the technology that Bark Potty is equipped with, we know that it will be the perfect solution to your dog’s potty problems. But you may have some questions about our new technology, the potty patch for dogs.

How will the Bark Potty help you?

The Bark Potty was created to help make the lives of the parents much more convenient when it comes to potty time. Let’s face it, going out in the winter to let your dog do their thing isn’t exactly the best when it's two in the morning. The founders here at Bark Potty have conceived the idea that your dog should be able to go anytime they need to, even when you as the parent have a busy schedule. It may be hard to make it home in time for you to walk your dog, so we created an eco-friendly solution for dog parents everywhere!

You’ll find that our Bark Potty is the perfect solutions if you are…

- house training a puppy.

- living in an apartment that doesn’t have backyard.

- a busy professional who isn’t always able to come home to let your dog out at the same time everyday.

- a parent to a senior dog who is dealing with arthritis and/or incontinence issues.

- avoiding those late night walks in the snow, rain or cold.

- tired of the smell that artificial grass causes.

- out of solutions to try when it comes to a potty pad.

- a homeowner that is keeping your dog out of the nice grass in your backyard.

Learn more about the Bark Potty online now and enroll in our subscription today!