Keep Your Dog Confined Throughout The Day

Thursday, August 1, 2019 10:59:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
Indoor potty training can be a drag, especially if your dog is accustomed to doing his business outside. If you have had trouble getting your dog to do his business exactly where you tell him to, we can be of assistance. Before you read today’s post, catch up by learning our recommendations to make indoor potty training easier.

Use A Small Confinement Area

Most times, it can be easier to train your dog using a small confinement area. These areas should be fenced in with a baby gate or other type of child/dog fencing. This area is the place your dog will spend his time when he is left unsupervised. This area should have everything he needs to be comfortable, including his bed, water dish, food dish, toys, bones and chewies. Don’t forget to place your pup’s new indoor dog potty too. The Bark Potty makes the perfect addition to any small indoor confinement area because it’s made of all natural materials that are spill and leak resistant. Not only will this indoor dog potty help to hide the smell of urine and feces while left unsupervised, but if your dog likes to paw at the ground after going potty, he won’t be able to. The Bark Potty is built with pristine engineering and design. With a mesh cover, the natural materials won’t be scattered around your home. Go ahead and find out for yourself how much your dog will love to use his new Bark Potty, and try creating a small confinement area for training dogs indoors.