Meet the Breed: Maltipoo

Friday, February 24, 2023 13:00:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Maltipoos are as cute as they sound, being a cross between the affectionate Maltese and the playful poodle. This intelligent and lovable breed was originally created for its hypoallergenic traits, but has come to be loved for its sweet temperament and reputation as a great family dog. 

Photo by Xuan Nguyen 


As a hybrid of two purebred dogs, maltipoos can range quite widely in terms of size depending on which of their parents have the more dominant genes. Designer dogs, such as the maltipoo, are typically not recognized by dog associations because of the variability in breed. Coat color and size can vary widely even in the same litter! Some maltipoos can be as small as 5 pounds while others may grow to be as big as 20 pounds. Their coats, however, are less varied and are typically white or tan with darker shades of tan or brown possible around the face and ears.  


These petite pups are great for families with kids or elderly relatives due to their gentle and loving nature. While maltipoos are playful and enjoy being active, indoor play sessions should suffice as long as they’re frequent and sufficiently stimulating. And though maltipoos are energetic and friendly, they may not be thrilled about chaotic environments and will let you know by barking at unfamiliar noises and people. Being overstimulated can lead to snappy (not to mention nippy) maltipoos, so these pooches should be in relatively calm environments with regular schedules. 

Maltipoos also tend to be affectionate canine companions, with many qualifying as lap dogs. These precious balls of fur should be in a home where they can regularly cuddle with a loving pawrent. WFH pawrents or homebodies are ideal for this loving doggo. A family that is not often home or prefers less physical affection is better suited to more independent and aloof breeds. 


Unlike some other intelligent breeds, maltipoos are easy to train because they’re not only intelligent but eager to please. Potty training, for instance, is easily mastered by these doggos if tasks are accompanied by plenty of treats and praise. Training maltipoos to use a pee pad or indoor dog bathroom like Bark Potty should pose no problem for these smarty paws! 

Because maltipoos are affectionate, they see training not only as a way to showcase their smarts but also as a bonding opportunity. This breed therefore responds especially negatively to harsh training methods. Positive reinforcement is the way to go for all dogs, but especially so for gentler breeds like the maltipoo.