New Puppy Checklist

Friday, January 31, 2020 15:43:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you prepared for your puppy? With the excitement of getting a new dog, don't forget to prepare your home for your new family member! There are several items that will help make the transition easier for you and your dog.  I’ve rounded up what you need for a new puppy, including all of the necessities here!

Collar & Leash

Be sure to get a leash about 4 to 6 feet long and a collar that fits snugly. If you can slip it over their head, it's too loose and could be a choking hazard. 

Baby Gate

Give your dog freedom, but restrict some areas of your house. New dogs should be given boundaries and be placed in a restricted area when you are unable to supervise them. This is to keep them from getting into places they shouldn't.


A crate will be useful for house-training. Here are some great tips from the Humane Society.


Having a bed of their own is very important to a dog! It will become a safe space that they can cuddle up in and call their own.                


Grooming is an important part of your dog's overall health. Finding a groomer you like is important and I suggest asking friends for recommendations. However, it is also important to maintain their grooming yourself in between visits. Having a brush, shampoo, nail clippers, toothbrush and toothpaste are all new puppy essentials.

Food and Water Bowls

Be sure to make sure to find out what your dog has been eating so that you can transition them slowly to a different type of food if necessary.                      


You can purchase tags at a pet store. Consider getting a microchip for your dog. They are relatively inexpensive and can be done fairly easily by your vet.


Make sure to get enough varieties (a ball, a squeaking toy, chew toy are good to start with) to keep your dog entertained. Top Dog Tips has a good list for the top dog toys as does The Dog Digest.                        

Bark Potty

Don't forget to have a Bark Potty on hand so your dog has a place to go to the bathroom! If your dog is a puppy and still hasn’t gotten all of their shots yet, they won’t be able to go outside. Bark Potty is an all-natural dog potty solution. It’s much easier and cleaner than potty pads, and dogs prefer Bark Potty because it has the natural scents that they find outside! If you’re adopting a pup that has all of their shots already, you should still make sure you have a Bark Potty for when you’re not home. You want to make sure your dog feels welcome and safe in their new home. You don’t want them to have to wait until you get home to go potty. Additionally, you'll appreciate not having to clean up an accident on your carpet!  

Poo Baggies

You'll need these to pick up after your dog whether on the Bark Potty or outside. There's nothing more awkward than realizing you’re out of them while your neighbor stares you down, waiting for you to pick up the poo. I like these lavender scented ones from Earth Rated. They do a good job at masking the smell and are thick enough that you don’t feel every little squish. Yuck!