New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog Needs You to Keep

Tuesday, December 27, 2022 11:07:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every year, dog parents commit to making the coming months a happier, healthier one for their fur babies. Promises to groom more regularly, go on more excursions, spend more time cuddling… the list goes on! Unfortunately, having a wide array of goals can make them more difficult to stick to. Instead, try grouping goals under a common theme, and spend the year ahead focusing on making solid changes to one crucial aspect of your doggo’s life. 

Photo by Rhaúl V. Alva


Have spa days at home. Is regular grooming already part of your plan? Opt for natural grooming products that soothe instead of irritate skin to go the extra mile. Follow up with a paw and snout moisturizer to ensure skin stays soft and protected throughout the seasons. 

Plan or schedule the annual check-up. Get some peace of mind (and take one more thing off the to-do list!) by scheduling your pup’s annual check-up ahead of time, if possible. Alternatively, set time aside to think of questions for your vet that may be important for your growing dog such as diet changes and adjustments to exercise routines. 

Upgrade your dog’s pet potty. Still using plastic wee wee pads? A pee pad like Bark Potty can make a world of difference. Not only are they natural alternatives to a wasteful single-use product, an indoor pet potty helps reduce the risk of seasonal dangers such as pests and frostbite!  

Companionship and Bonding 

Foster new friendships. Hanging out with fellow pups is not only fun, it’s an important part of dog socialization. Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportunities for your doggo to find some new paw buddies. Whether it’s getting friendly with the neighbor’s pooch or having a birthday bash to introduce your dog to new canine companions, the journey is bound to be just as exciting as finding a furry BFF!  

Be lazy together. Yes, it’s important to exercise and engage in mentally stimulating activities, but it’s equally important to spend some downtime together. The possibilities are endless if even the smaller, less eventful moments are reimagined as bonding opportunities. 

Exercise and Play 

Try a new interactive toy. Testing out new interactive toys allows dogs to exercise different problem-solving skills. If treat balls have been the go-to, try a snuffle mat instead. If snuffle mats have been the fan favorite at home, then a lick mat can also offer a satisfying change of pace. 

Do a training refresher. Revisiting training may sound tedious to humans, but it’s a great way for dogs to exercise their brain. Plus, the training process can be incredibly rewarding for dogs who are goal-driven and it's a way to strengthen the bond between you and your doggo!