Potty Training Your Dog - Product Review

Friday, December 20, 2019 12:00:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today, I decided to do a product review on a FANTASTIC product. The company DoggieLawn sells an "Anti-Icky Poo" odor neutralizing spray. This spray eliminates any sort of dog "potty" odors in the home!

DoggieLawn is a great company and sells real grass for dogs! It's similar to Bark Potty in that the natural smells of the real grass, like the real bark, entice dogs to "go" because it's what they're used to when they go outside! I've also purchased their "Odor Neutralizer" spray and it works great! The odor neutralizing spray is green and environmentally friendly. This is something extremely important to us at Bark Potty! Our product is 100% all natural and recyclable so I LOVE that this product is all natural as well. The spray is a combination of organic enzymes. These enzymes work to neutralize odors completely.

I've tried numerous other odor eliminating sprays and they did not work as well as "Anti-Icky Poo." The sprays would work for about an hour after I sprayed them on the soiled surface, after that the scent would return. With "Anti-Icky Poo" the scent was neutralized for more than a day. This spray is especially unique because it doesn't JUST mask the unpleasant odors, it also acts as a deterrent! Spray this on accident areas to stop your pet from repeatedly going to the bathroom where they shouldn't! Your dog will gradually learn where they are supposed to go and where they should avoid. This spray is a LIFESAVER and a potty training necessity! It makes the smell of accidents go away AND acts as a deterrent so your dog knows that it's a bad spot to "go"! While your dog is learning to use the Bark Potty, they may have accidents still in the house. DoggieLawn's "Anti-Icky Poo" odor neutralizer is something that I HIGHLY suggest everyone purchases!