Seasonal Sustainability: Earth and Pet-friendly Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 09:51:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

Springtime means a fresh start for many–birds are hatching eggs, tulips are starting to peek out from the soil, and humans are… cleaning their homes? Okay, so that last one is not as exciting or pretty as the other parts of spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be earth-minded as you do your yearly refresh. With Earth Day just around the corner, jump into spring cleaning by thinking sustainably. Below are some suggestions on how to get started! 

Photo by Ryan Stone

Plant-based Cleaners

Cleaners made from plants are not only better for the Earth, they’re also safer for pets and children. Look for non-toxic formulas or make your own to refresh your home and minimize harm to your more vulnerable family members. Vinegar, citrus peels, and castille soap are just some examples of effective ingredients that you can include in a DIY cleaner.


Rather than throwing away old or unused goods away in the trash, consider donating acceptable items. In addition to helping out your community, donations keep bulky non-biodegradable items out of landfills. Give your stuff another life by giving to local shelters, schools, and animal rescues. While your fur baby could care less about the new toys you got them earlier in the year, there’s bound to be pups at your local shelter that would be excited to play with a fresh, new toy! This also goes for old towels, new or gently used beds, and puppy-sized goods that your dog may have outgrown. 

Reusable Goods

After you toss out old sponges and rags, consider replacing them with reusable versions. Reusable sponges, paper towels, napkins, and so on can be easily thrown in the washer instead of tossed in the garbage. There are plenty of other creative options such as wool dryer balls that are also a great addition to sustainable cleaning regimens.

Pet-safe Pest Repellants

Use a pet-safe pest repellent to keep your space free from pesky critters. Many of these types of sprays rely on essential oils instead of chemicals to deter pests. This gives repellants like Cedarcide’s Bug Spray a fresh scent to boost! 

Compost Piles

Feeling ambitious? Maybe this will be the year you finally commit to reducing food and green waste by creating a compost pile. Instead of chucking leftovers and green waste in the trash, combine them to create a rich nutrient for your spring planting. Read more about composting here

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