The Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Friday, January 10, 2020 08:44:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is obvious to most of us that a dog's presence in the workplace relieves stress. However, we don't always reflect upon the kinds of ailments that such powerful stress relief helps to prevent. What are illnesses which having dogs in the workplace may help to prevent over time?

ย Heart disease and diabetes are two big ailments that having dogs in the workplace can stave off. How? For one, dogs that hang out at your office need to be walked, just as dogs who stay at home do. Walking is not only critical for the pup as a potty solution (FYI, if there isn't a nearby park or grass patch close to your office, consider bringing along a Bark Potty), but it's also wonderful for any employee's health. Exercise is something all workers need more of - walking your dog is the perfect excuse to go get some fresh air and some steps.ย 

As you can see, having dogs in the workplace has many benefits. Seeing your dog (or your coworker's dog) happy and wagging provides stress relief, and laughing at a dog's antics together with coworkers creates cathartic moments for further release. Dogs can improve coworker communication, as office mates might decide to work together on dog training strategies. In the midst of any stressful work day, looking at your dog and taking a mental break to pet her makes everything better.

As you can see, having a dog in the work place has many benefits. If taking dogs to work isn't allowed, however, you should make them as comfortable as possible at home by making sure they have a place to potty! Make sure you have a Bark Potty in your home so that your dog doesn't have to wait around all day for you to get home from work before they can go to the bathroom!