The French Bulldog

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 12:10:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

"There are few pet owners that are as in love with a breed the way French Bulldog owners are. Something about this breed makes them one of America’s favorites! Whether it be the charming French Bulldog characteristics like the ears that stick straight up or the look they give when they tilt their head just so, we have to agree that it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love. Without further ado, here are some incredible French Bulldog fun facts.

French bulldogs originate from England.

When it comes to French bulldogs, the name can be deceiving. These pups actually originate from England. Their primary roots come from English Bulldogs. Lace makers would use the smaller bulldogs as a lap warmer while they worked, so when the industry made the move to France they brought their pups along. Once in France, they were most likely bred with some sort of terrier, resulting in the terrier that we now know and love.

Their build is not meant for adventurous outings.

Unfortunately, there are French Bulldog characteristics that make it hard for them to enjoy many activities. The shape and weight of their head in proportion to their body makes it impossible for these furry friends to swim. This isn’t the only activity that Frenchies should stay away from. Flying is another activity that they’re not able to enjoy. Because of their short snouts, these dogs have a difficult time breathing as it is; when traveling by plane, these breathing difficulties worsen. Overall, it’s better for these canines to keep to land.

Frenchies are big fans of eating.

If you’re interested in showing a French bulldog, you need to know that the weight restrictions are extremely strict. If a French bulldog that is showing in class weighs more than 28 pounds, it is automatically disqualified! In the instance that you’re keeping your Frenchie just for companionship, this weight limit is not a bad one to follow. These pups can hold their own when it comes to eating, making them one of the breeds more likely to experience obesity. These French Bulldog fun facts are more than enough support to the statement that French bulldogs are homebody dogs. This domestic breed is ideal for individuals living in city settings. If this is the case for you, Bark Potty is exactly what you need. Our indoor dog potty makes it easy for pets like French bulldogs to take a potty break right inside. The best part of Bark Potty is that it eliminates odors and is shipped directly to your front door, making it easy and effective. In our next post we will unveil a few fun facts about the breed that ranked #7, the Yorkshire terrier."