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The Golden Retriever

"Whether you are forced to leave your golden retriever at home with a potty patch made for dogs that you bought from the professionals at Bark Potty, or not, we’re excited that you are the owner of a golden retriever. But why? Well, golden retrievers are the heart-melters of America, and they’re the third most popular breed voted by the American Kennel Club. Don’t believe us? Just check out the list here!

Golden Retriever Facts

Did you know that the first registration of a golden retriever dates way back when?

The first ever golden retriever was registered with the American Kennel Club back in 1925, and since then has been the standard in this dog-eat-dog world.

Golden retrievers are very obedient.

Although goldens have a tendency to wiggle their entire bodies when they get excited, they hold the most obedience champion titles in the world. The first title was one back in 1977.

They’re one of the best dogs for hunting.

Because of their loyalty and their intelligence, golden retrievers are one of the best dogs to accompany fowl hunters. They also make a wonderful guide dog for individuals who are blind. Their hunting and obedience skills really shine when they’re used in these fields of work.

Learn about the potty patch fit for your golden.

If you have to leave your golden at home, make sure you give them the best place to do their business, a potty patch made for dogs like yours! To learn more about America’s most favored dogs, we suggest you stay tuned. While you’re here, check out our products!  "