The Labrador Retriever

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 11:50:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
Did you know that America’s most favored dog is the Labrador retriever? That’s right! Labrador Retriever characteristics include being so lovable and loyal that many Labrador retrievers are part of families in homes everywhere throughout the United States. Here at Bark Potty, we are excited to give you the facts you need to know about your lab!

Labrador Retriever Facts

They’re from Newfoundland.

Contrary to popular belief, did you know that the Labrador retriever didn’t originally come from Labrador, but from it’s neighboring country, Newfoundland? Even though the name causes doubt, it’s true! Labs stem from Newfoundland, and were, and still are, on of the most popular breed of dogs both in Newfoundland and the United States.

Labs are the most used breed as rescue and guide dogs.

Labrador retrievers aren’t just cute, they’re incredibly intelligent. In fact, did you know that labs are one of the prime breeds selected as rescue and guide dogs? Not only do they have great work ethic, but their temperaments are easy to work alongside. Additionally, along with using this breed as rescue and guide dogs, they’re wonderful working dogs and are used for many other roles, including tracking and detection, hunting, therapy work and carting.

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We could go on and on about this amazing breed. There’s no doubt about it, Labrador retrievers are a wonderful breed to own, and they’ll be right by your side through thick and thin, which means it’s only your duty to return the same to them. Keep your dog happy and healthy while you’re away at work and provide them a place to do their business. Buy a potty patch for your dog online with Bark Potty today. To learn more, join the potty patch for dog pros online here. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more information about the most popular breed of dog in America!