The Negative Effects of Deforestation

Thursday, September 17, 2020 10:26:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

We need to talk about deforestation. 

It’s no secret that the phenomenon is a serious ecological issue that is intrinsically tied to the ongoing climate crisis that threatens to alter our way of life irreparably. Fortunately, organizations like WWF, One Tree Planted, and many others are making strides to replace trees that are being consumed far more quickly than they can grow. Let’s talk about the largest three impacts of deforestation.  

Climate Change

Because forests are responsible for trapping many metric tons of carbon emissions in their trunks year over year, it’s no surprise that cutting them down leads to increased amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In fact, one mature tree absorbs nearly 50 lbs. of carbon each year. As trees have a large part to play in the water cycle and because rainfall is the largest indicator of a region’s climate, it’s unsurprising that deforestation directly impacts climate change at this level, too. In arid or semi-arid areas, a combination of poor land management and deforestation can lead to a dangerous ecological phenomenon called desertification.


Decreasing Biodiversity

Forests aren’t just carbon sinks and irreplaceable spokes in the water cycle, however. They’re homes. 70% of the Earth’s bird population and land animals live in forests and rely on them for shelter, temperature management, and food. A lack of trees also causes soil erosion which diminishes the ability of the soil to grow flora, leading to further decreased biodiversity. When biodiversity in a region diminishes, it negatively impacts the region’s ecology- right 

down to its delicate food chain. This can often lead to animal diaspora as they go in search of other 

Photo by Andre Moura

places to find food or shelter. This is why you might occasionally see deer or rabbits in your garden from time to time. 

Disrupted Livelihoods

Plants and animals aren’t the only ones who rely on forests. About 1.25 billion people around the planet (that’s more than a seventh of the global population) depend on woodland areas for shelter, fuel, water, food, and work. 750 million of those people live in forests, including 60 million indigenous people. When your every basic need is tied to the health of the forest you live in, deforestation will often have a disastrous impact on you and your community. It can lead to conflict over resources, migration, and inhumane working conditions.


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