The Perks of Hiking for Dogs

Friday, July 1, 2022 16:50:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blue skies and fresh air–there’s nothing like the great outdoors to make ears a bit perkier and tails a little waggier. Hitting the trails with your fur baby is a great way to squeeze in some fun, bonding, and exercise. Read on to find out more about the benefits of hiking for dogs and some important essentials you’ll need along the way!

Photo by Kai Wenzel

Can You Take a Dog Hiking?

Yes–hiking is a great way to change up the routine walk! It gives your doggo a chance to explore and you a moment to enjoy time with your pooch. While not all trails will allow dogs, most will have clear signs that let visitors know if pets are allowed. To avoid disappointment, check websites ahead of time to ensure that you’re headed to a dog-friendly trail. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Dog Hiking?

  • Exercise: One clear benefit of hiking for dogs is the opportunity to get some exercise. A switch-up of the ol’ walking routine may even encourage some doggos to more actively engage with their surroundings. Make sure extra water and treats are in stow for more strenuous trails.  
  • Mental Stimulation: Not only is hiking a nice change of pace, it also offers tons of new scents, sights, and textures. Engaging the senses to explore new surroundings provides exciting mental stimulation for canines who learn about the world through smell, touch, and sight. Just be careful that your pup doesn’t lick a suspicious plant or gnaw on an unknown critter!  
  • Fresh Air: Breathing fresh air can greatly reduce stress and mental health. Experiencing the crisp mountain air can be especially beneficial for urban-dwelling dogs who are typically cooped up in an apartment. 
  • Bonding: Spending time together while hiking isn’t just about nature. As beautiful as Mother Earth is, hiking with your furry one is also about bonding. Together, you’ll be sharing an experience that creates new memories. This gives you an opportunity to provide care and support for your doggo as they explore new sights and sounds. 

What to Pack When Hiking With a Dog

  • Water: Water is essential for humans and dogs alike when going on a hike. A collapsible bowl or a portable water bottle are both options for offering water on the go. Take plenty in case the weather is warmer than expected or you need to rinse out a minor cut. 
  • Toys: Bring along a favorite ball or two to take advantage of the wide open spaces and play a game of catch outdoors. The combination of clean air and fresh grass can’t be beat.
  • Treats: Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you should take a break from dishing out treats. Consider a wholesome energizing snack to keep the party going! 

Hiking while on the road? Take a pee pad like Bark Potty along for the journey to provide a consistent pet potty for your fur baby. Along with water, toys, and treats, a dog bathroom is all you’ll need to help your furry friend have the trip of a lifetime!