The Revolutionized Potty Patch

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 08:58:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you own a dog and you aren’t home for hours at a time when you’re at work, you may want to think about getting him or her a potty patch. A potty patch for dogs, like the Bark Potty, will allow your pup to relieve themselves whenever they deem necessary. But don’t worry, the Bark Potty isn’t an ordinary potty pad

The Bark Potty is revolutionizing the way potty pads are designed and work. What makes our potty patch for dogs so great, is that they’ll naturally want to use it because it contains the natural smells that compel dogs to “go”. Our Bark Potty is easy to to use, is shelf-stable, and won’t die or rot when stored. You can use it wherever you want, wherever you want. Plus, our patent-pending design holds the bark into place to prevent your dog from any kick-ups that tend to happen with other potty pad options. In addition, our disposable potty patch is perfectly lined with materials that stop leaks.

Dogs love natural earthy smells. Because of this, we’ve created the Bark Potty that’s packed with real wood bark along with other natural ingredients. This natural smell is able to stimulate a dog’s innate instinct to mark their territory and “go.” But don’t worry, the Bark Potty only used natural and safe ingredients with bacteria that breaks down odors. 

Go ahead and order your first subscription with Bark Potty, Dog Park In A Box online now and see for yourself why so many dogs love the product!