The Top 10 American Dog Breeds

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 11:49:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Here at Bark Potty, we’re all things dog. That’s why we provide our indoor dog potty; and it’s why we’ve been posting article after article about our beloved four-legged furry friends. Dachshund, chihuahua, malamute, great Dane… we love them all! But what dogs do Americans love the most? Well, let’s look into the most popular dog breeds by the numbers.

Here’s the top 10 list of the most popular dog breeds here in the United States.

Dog #10: Boxer

Squeaking into the top 10 list, we have boxers. Moderately short and anything but stout, these pups are recognizable by their flat-faced snout. Oh, and their pointed ears.

Dog #9: Rottweiler

The rottweiler weighs in at number nine on our top 10 list of the most popular America dogs. You’ll recognize a rottweiler’s brown and black features anywhere.

Dog #8: Poodle

Proud and often pampered, the poodle comes in at number eight on our list. Poodles may be the most distinct dogs on the planet, and they’re perfect for grooming into a animalian icon of beauty.

Dog #7: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are tiny “toy” dogs, but they’re big in popularity. Coming in longhair and shorthair varieties, these pooches are all short in stature.

Dog #6: French Bulldog

French bulldogs are similar in size compared to their yorkshire terrier cousin, but they have the flat face and nose that’s pure bulldog. Position number six belongs to the French bulldog.

Dog #5: Beagle

The beagle is another American sweetheart, and this breed takes the number five position. These small hounds are loveable and friendly. It’s no wonder that Charles Schulz made Snoopy a beagle.

Dog #4: Bulldogbulldog

Top dog number four belongs to the bulldog. These medium sized dogs are instantly recognizable due to the folds on their flat faces.

Dog #3: Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers were built to melt hearts. Americans have fallen in love with retrievers of all kinds, and the golden retriever is certainly near the top. Known for its golden sheen, the golden retriever takes spot number three atop our most popular list.

Dog #2: German Shepherd

Wickedly smart and courageous, the German shepherd is runner-up to the most popular dog here in the USA. You can recognize a German shepherd by its beautiful browns and blacks that mark the face, as well as the pointed ears that signify the pride and courage that resides in these majestic canines.

Dog #1: Labrador Retriever

Da dah dah daaaaa! Dog number one is the Labrador retriever! Americans fawn over Labrador retrievers due to their beauty and friendliness. Labrador pups simply couldn’t be cuter, and Labrador adults are as loyal as they come. It’s no wonder that the Labrador retriever tops the list of the most popular American pooches!   Want to learn more about these incredible pooches? Stay posted to learn about distinctive characteristics and quirks that surround each of the pups on today’s list. We’ll be delving deeper into the facts and stats behind the top 10 canines in America. So stay posted, and check out the Bark Potty indoor dog potty while you’re here!