There Are No Bad Dogs, Only Bad Owners?

Friday, February 7, 2020 16:19:00 PM America/Los_Angeles
There are no bad dogs, only bad owners? In the world of dog lovers, it’s a pretty common platitude. There is some truth to it, however, and some exaggeration. For the most part, if there’s something behaviorally or psychologically wrong with a dog, chances are that the animal has sustained a brain injury, has been traumatized in some way or has been damaged by an experience that is beyond the animal’s control. These experiences can sometimes lead to behaviors like aggression, nervousness, or potty training regression. While nervousness and aggression can complicated issues, potty training regression may be helped with an indoor potty like Bark Potty.

That being said, it is also important to remember that dogs are- at their core- the direct descendants of wolves. They are predatory animals. Fortunately, dogs have a well-developed instinct toward group cohesion. They understand and respect hierarchies- and they also have a complex sense of fairness.

That means barring injury and trauma, any well-treated dog who lives in a loving and companionable situation will be happy and recognize her or his place in the living arrangement.

When an animal is rescued from a life of deprivation or abuse, they may never fully adapt to ordinary life. The animal may remain volatile. In such cases, it is best that such an animal not be housed with small children, the elderly, or anyone else who may be in danger should the traumatized animal be triggered. This, of course, is not the animal’s fault.

In other situations where the size of a home does not fit the dog, relocation or accommodation should be considered. When training a young dog, or helping a large dog to adapt to a small home, training aids like doggy grass, puppy pads, or products like the Bark Potty are good ways to help avoid a negative or stressful situation and ensure that the training and acclimatization period goes smoothly.