Tips for Your Pup's Separation Anxiety When You Go Back to the Office

Friday, June 5, 2020 14:43:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

These last few weeks of social distancing have probably been a blessing to your pup with separation anxiety. As you begin to leave home to work from the office again, let’s take a moment to reflect on how this transition will affect your furry friend.

They may feel as if you’ve deserted them, or their nervousness may send them into your closet looking for things that smell like you- like your silk ties, or your summer dress. They may forgo the approved dog bathrooms in favor of wherever they hear nature’s call. You’ll need to ease them back into that old routine and establish the expectation that you’re not going to be home as much as you have been. Here are our dog separation anxiety tips for getting your pup used to this transition so that you can get your life back to a “new" normal.

Reestablish the Leaving Ritual

It’s a good idea to prepare your pup for your absence by repeating this ritual multiple times a day the week before you return to the office. 

Hire a Dog Walker

We recommend getting someone you trust and who your pup feels at ease with, to come by twice per day- even if you have a strategically placed Bark Potty unit or potty pad. Seeing another face will go a long way in soothing dog anxiety and they’ll get a few extra walks during the week. Not only will your pup get extra exercise and human companionship in your absence, but they’ll also get more potty breaks in at the dog park and enjoy some fresh air! That means less mess for you to clean up when you get home.

Show Your Pup that You Love Them

It’s easy to fall into old habits, but don’t forget to set aside the time to snuggle with your pup after work. We know it’s tough when you’re drained from a long day, and what feels like an even longer commute that you’re now having to get used to again. It's always good to let your fur baby know that you love them. Don’t forget: petting and snuggling with your furry pal can soothe your anxiety, too!