Top 5 Reasons You Should Use an Indoor Dog Potty

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 15:28:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Selecting a potty solution is one of the most important decisions you make as a dog pawrent. The perfect potty solution should fit your fur bay’s needs, make sense for your lifestyle, and work well in your home. That’s a tall order! But no need to look too far–an indoor dog bathroom might be just the product to solve all your pet potty woes. Wondering if an indoor potty is the answer for you and your pup? Check out some of the top five reasons you should consider a dog bathroom below!

Photo by Sergey Semin

New Furry Member of the Family

A common reason that dog owners look into indoor pet potties is because they have or are thinking about introducing a new furry member to their family. This exciting time is also filled with numerous preparations and precautions. A natural pee pad can provide the solution for a number of these concerns. An indoor dog bathroom keeps newly adopted fur babies safe until they can get vaccinated, accustomed to their environment, and/or used to sharing their space with other pets. 

Potty Training or Crate Training

Potty training and crate training is confusing as it is for many pups. Having a designated potty area can be incredibly helpful for dogs who are new to the process. It can be difficult for a dog to know where it is or isn’t okay to go potty inside a home–especially if they’ve been scolded before for accidents. A clearly designated pet potty like Bark Potty takes away the guesswork! 

Post-injury or Post-surgery Recovery

Even a fully potty-trained doggo needs to be accommodated as they recover from major injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. Having a natural bark wee wee pad can give your fur baby a taste of the great outdoors even when they’re restricted to indoor living. Keep the pee pad near resting areas to make going to the bathroom a stress-free endeavor. 


Not every canine is able-bodied, and an indoor solution is a great option to have for these pooches. An indoor dog bathroom is an accessible alternative for pups who either aren’t able to go outdoors or struggle with making it outdoors in time. 

For senior dogs, indoor pet potties make it easier for those who are dealing with dementia and have trouble finding the correct potty area. While their ability to find or remember where they’re supposed to “go” may be hindered, smell is a simple way to guide them to the right location. 

Travel or Time Away from Home

Whether you’re busy soaking up the sun on a white sand beach or simply away at work from 9-5, indoor pet potties give both you and your dog some peace of mind. Even with a pet sitter or walker, there will be times when nature calls but no one is around to let your pup out. A natural pee pad is a convenient and easy to use alternative for when you want to provide the best for your fur baby but just can’t be there in person. 

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