Train Your Pup With Ease

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 09:05:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
Potty pads are an inexpensive way to save your carpet and nice rugs, but have you thought about the reasons why you shouldn’t be purchasing fake grass pads for your pets? Fake grass pads are a popular way to save your dog’s bladder and your carpet while you’re not around to take them outside to do their business, but it’s time for you to find out that there are better ways! 

Sure, we all have friends who own the small dogs including a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkie or Maltese that tend to pee in the house, but what about the friends who have older dogs that are 2 years of age and still aren’t potty trained? If dogs aren’t properly potty trained, getting them to “go” on fake grass or a pad isn’t very appealing. But did you know that with the Bark Potty, it’s much easier for you to train your dog? No matter what age your pet is, it’s easy to train them with the Bark Potty because this potty patch for dogs is made out of real bark with natural odors. Dogs are naturally appealed to these smells and will automatically want to do their business on them.

Another great reason the Bark Potty may be perfect for you is the absorbency. Traditional potty pads aren’t able to hold much urine. Our potty patch for dogs has the absorbency you can trust, as well as a natural odor blocker that keeps your home from smelling like your dog's litter box. 

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