Traveling With Your Dog: Las Vegas Edition

Monday, September 30, 2019 11:14:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you’ve been dreaming of flashing neon lights and the sounds of penny slots, but aren’t sure what to do with your beloved pooch – worry not! While “dog-friendly” might not be the first term that comes to mind when thinking of Las Vegas, it is a city built around accommodating visitors, and that goes for furry ones, too!

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a hotel that will accommodate you and your doggo. There are a handful of Best Western locations around town, and they come highly recommended by dog lovers nationwide. The chain allows you to check in with two dogs up to 80 pounds each for just $20 extra per night and no more than $100 per week.

If you’re looking to stay in more of a boutique-style resort, look no further than the Oasis at Gold Spike. Tails will wag for the low rate of $50 added to the resort fee, which allows you to bring up to 100 lbs of pooch. To sweeten the deal, the resort throws in a discount to a nearby dog park called the Hydrant Club. Woof!

Of course, many visitors opt to room on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and if that sounds like you, you have two dog-friendly options, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Vdara, although the restrictions are a little tighter and they cost a few extra bones.

If you’ve got your eye on a hotel that doesn’t allow dogs, not to worry. This trip can still be a vacation for you both, thanks to the spa-style facility called the Las Vegas Dog Resort. This is the top spot for pet pampering the city. Not only do they do doggy daycare and boarding in luxurious people-style rooms, they also offer services like grooming, massages, and wraps. Who doesn’t like to relax after a ruff day?

As for activities, you’ll find a lot of things in Las Vegas that you and doggo can do together. Let’s start with hiking. The Las Vegas Valley is surrounded by mountain ranges that allow your pup to stretch their legs and take in all the glorious smells of nature. For a woodsy adventure, check out Mount Charleston. Mary Jane Falls is a popular hike that almost anyone can handle. There is no climbing required and it leads to a beautiful waterfall. Just make sure you bring plenty of drinking water!

That goes double for the other popular mountain range, Red Rock Canyon. This national conservation area is set on a seven mile loop and is the best Las Vegas has to offer as far as desert scenery. The Red Rock mountain range has the added benefit that it is near downtown Summerlin, one of the most dog-friendly regions of the city. Here you’ll find multiple restaurants that allow canines on the patio. A local favorite is the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. Not only do they welcome your four legged friend, they have menu options just for dogs! The chain has another location in Town Square, located on the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard. There you’ll find lots of trendy, upscale shops as well as a handful of dog-friendly restaurants, including Double Helix, Yard House, and California Pizza Kitchen. Other local favorites include Crown & Anchor British Pub, Sambalatte, and Crepe Expectations.

You might also be surprised at how many dog parks there are in Las Vegas, but it makes sense. Pets are very popular in the city of sin, largely because children kind of aren’t. The locals love their pets, and because so many of them live in apartments and condos, you can find a dog park every few miles or so. If you’re worried about leaving your little fuzzball in your hotel room to go see a show or hit the pool – don’t. You can do exactly what many of the apartment-dwelling locals do for a dog bathroom and come prepared with a Bark Potty. This new invention is a huge step up from puppy pads and definitely a necessity if you want the deposit back on that luxury hotel room. Armed with that kind of potty solution and so many options for pet-friendly adventures, Las Vegas is a prime destination for dog lovers.